Vandersteen 2CI and 2CE difference?

Anybody know what the difference is between the 2CI and 2CE? the Vandersteen web site only lists info on teh 2CE.
probably just age?
The 2ci is quite a bit older, I bought mine about 15 years ago. Definately some improvements in drivers and the input bananas were replaced with a barrier strip that takes small spades.
I believe the 2Ci didn't stay out for long due to the tweeter. I don't know if anything else was upgraded but I remember that people weren't happy with the sound of the tweeter.
I remember the 2CE has tighter bass, I forget what else...
The 2ci used a 3/4" tweeter that is not near as transparent as the 1" in the 2Ce. Beware, however, that there are some 2Ce's with the same 3/4" tweeter. Check the serial number with Vandersteen. He didn't have the 1" on hand for a while and substituted the 3/4". How do I know? I had a pair of the 2Ce with the 3/4" tweeter back in the early 90's. other than that, they are pretty much the same.