Vandersteen 2ce vs Vandersteen 2ce Signature II

Has anyone heard both of these speakers and have an opinion of the differences? I have a dealer near me where I can hear the signature II's but not the older model. Are the signature II's substantial better? It looks like on Agon I can get the older model for pretty cheap.

I'm considering switching from Sonus Faber Luito monitors to the Vandersteen because I have an Ayre Ax-7e and I have heard the Vandersteen are a magical match with Ayre products.
I had the Sig 1's and moved up to the Sig 2's. Either model should be a pretty big upgrade from what you have now. The newer ones are better but its not a huge difference. If your budget doesn't allow for a new pair, I recommend the Sig 1's without hesitation. Also, I use Ayre with my Vandersteen's and definately say its a good match. In my opinion Ayre is the best SS for Vandersteens. I think you will be suprised when you hear how good it sounds.
Zedak , I would suggest go and listen to the New Vandersteen 2CE Sig II and take your amp with you. Ayre sounds fantastic with Vandersteen. If you like and can afford the the price , place your order on a nice new pair and enjoy!
Zedak -

better crossover(s) w/ the Signature model.
Having been a Vandersteen guy for 30 years, I can say that it is all a matter of taste. The Model 2Ce Signature is a warmer sounding speaker than the 2Ce II Sig. The 2Ce Sig. II is somewhat cleaner sounding and a touch leaner overall. One word of caution about the 2Ce Sig II, they're 2 versions. One has the standard polycone midrange and the newer (latest model) has the woven midrange from the 5A. It is a better sounding speaker with this newer driver. The new midrange was introduced back when the price increased to $2395 a pair (sometime mid 2012.) You can take a flashlight and shine through the cloth. The polycone is a plastic kind of look where the woven is identified by the actual weeve look on the driver. It's a duller look. One thing about Vandersteen's are they all seem to manage the "Vandersteen" house sound in one form or another. Vandersteen seems to never stop "Tweaking" his speakers. Each successive model (or change) gets a little more out of the design. The newest Model 2 is simply an unbelievable bargain at full retail let alone bought used.
As for the Ayre amp, it sounds soooo much better used balanced if possible. It does mate well with the speakers but they're are other options available also.