Vandersteen 2ce upgrade?

It's time to move on from my beloved 2ce's. I'm one of the 10,000 who bought them and now I need to move up. They have been wonderful for the last 10 years but it's time. I'm looking for advice on speakers to consider. My budget is $ 1500 used. I'm using an ARC D-75 but plan to upgrade that later. I listen to Jazz, Opera, Classical at reasonable levels. Anyone out there go through this journey? Any suggestions appreciated.
As a former owner of the 2Ce, I moved up to the Vandy 3A, and then had them upgraded to the 3A Signature. The 3A is a major improvement over the 2Ce, and the eventual upgrade to the 3A Signature is worth every cent. (Richard Vandersteen says the 3A Sig is closer in performance to the Model 5 than to the 3A, and based on my experience, I agree with him. If your future budget allows, you should then consider adding a pair of Vandy 2Wq's -- they transform the 3A Signatures into something truly glorious.) I have seen several sets of 3A's for sale lately on A-gon, in the $1500 range. Unless you have some reason to move away from Vandy speakers (room size, etc.), you won't be sorry by getting the 3A.
I find the 2ce's a little too heavy in bass and lower midrange. I have tried biwiring and different placements, perhaps it's the amp. Anyway, does the 3A hint of that issue?
I'm a 3A owner. Provided you still prefer Vandy sound, I agree that a pair of used 3A's should be available in your budget (maybe tough to find 3A sigs at that price) and they would greatly enhance your sound over 2ce's. The low end response is phenominal for orchestral listening. I don't find mine to be heavy or boomy at all. They respond well to placement, and the rear firing coupler seems to like to be close to the wall...a definite plus for practicality as they are huge and heavy. However, they do like power; I drive mine with 200wpc and wouldn't recommend any less than 125wpc capability.
I have owned both 2c and 2ce and liked both. They can sound a little "heavy" depending on amp, cables and placement. If you're using tubes, you need a very revealing, somewhat forward sounding speaker cable to work synergistically.
Finding anything new for $1500 to beat them may be difficult, especially if you're driving them with tubes.
Used: I would suggest auditioning Spendor SP-1, Proac Response 1.5 or possibly Vienna Acoustic Mozart. A planar speaker like Magnapan, Quad or Eminent Tech will give you a different sound, if they work in your room and budget.
My nirvana was found at Magnepan. Moved up from vandersteen 1Bs to 2CEs then discovered the magic of planar speakers. Admittedly not for everyone but you should at least try them, they really are amazing,
My thoughts are to go to a more "open" sound. Planars are teasing me as well as a migration to the low watt amps and highly effecient speakers. Remarkable how creative one can be with this!!! I'll audition the Vandersteen 3A and take the next step. John
The type of music you specified doesen't require a lot of slam factor.There are a number of good moniotr speakers like the B&W 805,Joseph 7's,(expensively) the RedRose monitor. which would give you great imaging trading off a big sound stage for it.But if want your cake and to eat it to I would suggest the Magnepan 1.6($1600)A bit bass shy but can fit in the room and aren't as demanding with set up as the 3.5/3.6 which if you can afford price and space are probably the best value speakers out there for the dough.Not wife freindly due to hight and having to bring them out in room.But great imaging if set up in a big enough room properly and sound stage and mid range kings.You would want to pump as much juice into them as possible.All this recomendation from somebody using tweaky sensitive horn loaded speakers.But what they share is mids and highs that beat most piston speakers out there.
Have you listened to the 2CE Signature speakers? They use the same tweeter as in the 3A. The sound of the 2CE SIGS is much better than the 2CE. Much more open and with more depth and detail. I don't feel an upgrade to the 3A is that significant over the 2 CE Sig. The 3A Signature is an improvement however. It uses the tweeter out of the Model 5.
You can have your 2CE's upgraded by Vandersteen to the Signature model. When I upgrade one day, it will be to the 3A Signatures and then adding the subs later.
I am using a pair of McCormack .5 amps in a vertical bi-wire. This configeration was just unbelievable over a single amp bi-wire. Just for information, I went from the B&W 805's to the 2CE Sigs. I've never felt the need to look back. It's hard to get bass out of small speakers and about as hard to get a sub to match properly and I really believe there is something to the time alignment stuff.
Have you compared the Mag 1.6 or 3.5 to the ML CLS? They seem to running in a horse race neck to neck. I have a pair of Acoustat 1+1 at work and the openess of the planar sound is remarkable. I must say I'm tempted.
Anyone compare audio physic tempo with coincident partial eclipse? They coming down to thr choices.
I have 2ce's driven by a Counterpoint SA-20, and I like the sound very well for light classical and chamber music, but it really gets a bit boomy and underdetailed when I am playing heavy symphony or rock. (I will confess my room could use more work too!) I am considering adding 1 or 2 2wq's to get the bass of the 2ces, and perhaps bi-amping with a second SA-20 (or 220). As a last resort, I may try a SS amp like a Rowland or Pass.
I added one 2w and it was the perfect match for my room and my electronic equipment.