Vandersteen 2CE Sigs tweeter too high

My Vandersteen 2CE Sigs tweeters are too high when I sit in my listening chair. I want to remove the stands and use spikes directly into the speakers' base. Has anyone done this? What can I expect in sound change?
The 2CEs can be tilted just in case you didn't know.

I would NOT send the spikes into the speakers' base and risk damaging the speaker. They were designed to be used with the dedicated Sound Anchor stands.

IMO if your chair is too low when the 2CEs are fully tilted down, you probably need to get another chair or you are sitting too close.
I believe it was Timrhu, from the community here, who gave me a very good idea once how to protect wood floors from damage. it may work for you in this case to lower the speakers. He suggested I find carriage bolts (with the rounded head) and use them inserted where the spikes would be. One can take a bit of funtiture felt (for protecting floors, the kind with an adhesive backing) and put it on the head of the carriage bolt. Worked perfectly! In your case it would lower the speaker and still get them off the floor.
Thanks guys. I messed up on my measurements--the speakers are the right hight after all. Sorry for the hasty post. BTW, I do have allen bolts with felt bottoms in place of the spikes.