Vandersteen 2ce sigs and Adcom gfa555

Is the adcom gfa 555 too bright for the vandys? anyone have this combo?
I've heard this combination in a home setup and the sound wasn't bright - I think the Vandy's are a good match for the Adcom. I had one for years and it is somewhat forward compared to say the Classe I have now. An excellent amp though, I wish I had kept it for a second system. BTW, what cables are you running - I would recomend giving a listen to MIT terminators or a step up to the shotgun family if budget allows.
Hmmm. You must really like a super warm glossed over sound with little detail. My adcom was much warmer and duller than my classe but i had the 555mk2 so maybe there really different, but if thats the direction you want to go then you should consider the mk2 or 5800. If the 555 is somewhat bright then it would be a great match for the vandersteens since every pair I have ever heard is super dull and lifeless. I'm not trying to be negative i'm just relating my expierience with these products. So I hope this helped a little.
To my ear, in comparison to live music, the Vandersteens are anything but "super dull and lifeless." You have a great speaker - one that can get more music to you than the "Hi-Fi" speakers so many seem to be fond of these days - which end up giving a very exaggerated presentation which is not close to the music at all. I have not heard the Vandys with Adcom, I have with Bryston - it worked well with them. You are on the path to real music. As with most things in life - it is the path less taken. It is not the path the "masses" have taken. Follow your ear - not thea herd.
I have the 2 ce sigs with the arcam 9 pre-amp and 10 power amp and have been, to be honest, a little disappointed. they do a very good job with the folk side of things, but fall short with more powerful music. opera, for instance, does not do too well. i'm going to buy a subwoofer, hoping that the bass will come across a little better that way.
I would think the Vandersteens and Adcom would be a match made in heaven. The Adcom tends to be forward while the Vandy seems laid-back and soft. I think they would strengthen eachothers weaknesses while maintaining a wide soundstage and good dynamics. The Vandys are easy to listen to, but aren't perfect - if you listen to alot of rock, then you may want some more 'snap' from your speakers. I highly recommend the Vandy subs along with the 2CE, as they don't go very low. Good luck!
The Vandy 2Ce's pair very well with the Adcom amp. I just sold a set of Vandy 2Ci's that were driven by an Adcom GFA555-II, and I can certainly recommend this system to others. Your post implies that you have the Vandy speakers, and are looking for the amp. If that's the case, you might also consider buying a used Bryston 3B-ST, which would be an outstanding choice with the Vandy's. I am currently using a Bryston 4B-ST to drive my Vandy 3A's, and I am VERY pleased with the sound quality. If you want to explore prices on new Bryston 3B-ST's, contact Danny Oovlin at: [email protected] I got an excellent price from Oovlin on my 4B-ST.