vandersteen 2ce signatures

i own a pair and i am using cary cd, preamp, amp. and love the mids and highs since i listen to jazz, both traditional and fusion. they remind me of the old quads in that they don't add anything, although i believe they are a bit dry...but rather have that than extra with certain freq. hot, so in saying that...i was dissapointed because with the tubes i wasn't getting the bottom end strength that i know is needed. so i added a sub q and i like it because it does give more of the power amp to the mids and highs, but i was thinking about changing to a real good solid state amp..say bryston,etc. but scared i will loose the liquid mids and highs from the tubed amp...any suggestions? thanks
i used an aronov intergrated 65w per with my old 2ci and when i upgraded to 3asig they worked just fine--solid bass and you already know the mid/highs i am no using aronov mono chanel 110watts/per channel on the 3asig and it plays as loud as i want it and killer bass extended highs
Check out a hybrid amp that has tubes on the input stage and solid state on the output stage. I use a Blue Circle BC28 which is a hybird tube/mosfet amp and the 2ce sigs love it. I have also used a Kora tube/mosfet integrated which was an excellent match. The Vandies will sound fine with a good solid state amp (McCormack as suggested) but I do think you will lose a little of the liquid mids and highs you talked about. IMHO Bryston may be a little too "analytical" if you are used to tubes in the signal path.
Try the Rogue M150 monoblocks (KT88's). I have buddy that has the Rogue 99 pre, M150's and 2CE sigs and there is more than enough low end. He is currently looking into to some bass traps to control the bass. Good luck.
I had the 2ce and had the same issues added the sub that took care of the bass. I also would up using quicksilver v4 plenty of power and changing the tubes with kt90 that brought a much crisper sound. Also would up changing the tubes in my cary 300 cd for the same reason, the stock tubes were junk. You may want to look into what you can do tube wise. My dealer is Audioconnection in verona NJ you may want to give John a ring he is quite knoldgeable on the Vandersteens and tubes that pair nice with them, may be a cheap way out verses starting with all new amps. That is the advantage with tubes you can play with the sound. Also what wires are you running?
Agree with Unsound...try a McCormack.
Hi, there have been several threads on this. I suggest you look them up for more details. However, in brief the two best amps I've used with Vandersteens (personally) have been the Quicksilver V4 Mono blocks and the BEL 1001 Mk V amps. The V4s are more tubey and will have that bloom you can only get from tubes. The BEL Mk V is in another class entirely with more detail, neutrality and musicality. Since they're about the same price new I'd get the BEL hands down. However, if you can't live without tubes, the V4s will not dissappoint.
Good luck!
I would audition the Conrad-Johnson MF2500A. Paired with their PV14L tube pre-amp, the C-J has a nice laid-back sound with good dynamics and detail.
A second vote for McCormack. I'm using a DNA 0.5 with my 2ce's.