Vandersteen 2Ce Signature or Quad 22L

Almost ready to puchase a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Sig's and a friend suggested I listen to the Quad 22L. Room size is 12 x 13 x 8.5 (home office). I will power the speakers on a Music Reference 9 MkII and a Music Reference V pre amp. Music tastes range from classic to rock. I do not live near a Quad dealer so any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
I've owned and like both. The Vandy will provide better bass but the Quad is much more transparent. The Music Reference is very good and will work well with either. I would go with the Quad.
I owned the Vandy 2CE sigs and thought they sounded wonderful. The only problem is they are physically imposing in a small room. Your room is near the limit so be aware of this.
I don't like the fact that panel speakers are so dynamically soft and diffuse. Plus, they are ot coherent in that the back wave can cancel out the front wave. Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs are time and phase coherent. My opinon. You'll get lot of 'em here. Go with what moves your heart.
I would get the Vandersteens
They are a sophisticated Boxless, Time alligned speaker
that really come alive with the Music Refernce RM9 and pre.
I have been selling and enjoying Vandies and Music Reference for 20 years
Hope you enjoy
Cheers Johnnyr
In such a small room you should stay away from 3-way speakers. Integration of the drivers will be difficult. Go with a 2-way speaker. Quad makes them, as do others. Try the Quad 21 floorstanders, for exaqmple.
Dfp, did you make a final decision? I've been thinking about both the 2ce sig. and the 22L, also for a home office. Would be interested in your decision.