Vandersteen 2CE signature II or Marten Django L

hi guys
need your advice here:
is two weeks I have these speakers in my house..and I quite like it..the only thing I don't like about them,is their “relaxed” presentation and lack in dynamics..maybe for rock they are not the best.
The other possibility would be the Marten Django L, that I only listened to in the shop..costs more, have more bass but less “magic” or “musical”

what you suggest me?
anyone knows these models well?
I'm not clear as to what speakers you have. Do you already have the 2ce's or have something else and are trying to choose between the 2 speakers you list? If you have the 2's, one of the great things about them is transparency. Different electronics can yield very different results. I don't know what electronics you have, but changing a component like an amp, preamp or source could easily give you the results you want. I use Ayre on mine and the system doesn't lack for anything. Also, if you didn't set them up using the instructions in the manual, you need to. Its not something you can do by ear.
You are right,I explain myself: at this moment i'm autioning at home a pair of vandersteen 2ce sig II that will eventually substitute the ruark talisman II. The same shop proposed me a pair of marten django L, that i only audioned at the showroom.
I listen to a lot of rock and and also jazz. My integrated amp is a Hegel h100 120w pc. Cables by virtual dynamics and audience. Room dimentions circa 20 mq. Thank you for your inputs