Vandersteen 2CE Signature dimensions

I'm considering 2CE Signatures and was wondering how far back the integral stands go? I owned 3's for ten years and the Sound Design stands went back 8"-10"'s. I'm going to be close to the rear wall so stand depth is a consideration.
I don't think the 2 sound anchors extend back beyond the speaker by more than an inch or two, if at all. At least that's what I remember from my 2cis.
I have the sigs and the base extends 5 inches beyond the back of the speaker (which is 10 inches deep).
The stands to the 2CE Signatures extend 5" behind the base of the speaker-- I just measured mine! I find that 16" from the back wall is the magic number in my room for the 2CE Sigs, and I've read of others with the same experience...