Vandersteen 2ce Signature and Signature 2?

Any way to tell the 2ce Signature to the 2ce Signature2? 
I don't know either; but Vandersteens are on my "wish list". VERY NICE!
Also Paradigms; but I'll wait till I can throw down some coin on Vandersteens


Take the serial numbers from speakers and consult Vandersteen directly.

Happy Listening!

I will ask Richard Monday, have need to speak w him anyway
I had an early (2008) pair of Sig IIs. IIRC, the serial number ended in “II”. That was the only external indication. Later versions have a rear plate with more conspicuous graphics. At least some of them say “30th anniversary”.
The Vandys are a bit long in the tooth - check out the Paradigm Prestige series.
I am a Vandersteen 2CE Sig 2 owner for the past seven years and it’s being driven by my McIntosh monoblocks MC601 (600 watts) and all I can say is wow! The 2CE Sig 2 really woke up surprisingly it can handle the power of my amp without any problem and I listen quite loud all the time.  If the speakers are placed properly, it can be overwhelmingly sweet. Playing mostly audiophile recording makes it sounds like you’re listening/watching to a live music, sounds way better than some of the speakers out there that cost five time more. I highly recommend the 2CE Sig 2, it’s a lot of speakers for the money.
I went back to the site where they are listed and noticed sometime late last night and this morning they model changed to the 2ce. No signature or signature 2. Checked the sn and their 58157 and 58158. They have the 30th Anniversary embossment/ sticker too. The price is $1000 pair. The price is what got me thinking as it seemed low.
I appreciate the info guys. I’ll know next time what to look for.
If they have 30th anniversary they MUST be Sig IIs.
Thanks, beetlemania. I'm gonna call RV tomorrow.
Just don’t expect the sn to tell you everything. My 2CE Sig ‘1’s are 58328 & 58329. I assume they are Sigs as I purchased them from the second (seemingly very reputable) owner in the original boxes that are clearly labeled ‘Signature’. Unless someone was able to purchase Sig boxes during their previous ownership, I feel pretty confident in what they are. As I stated in another thread, I got them for $575 in very very good condition, complete with anchor stands (very important). That price was a no brainer for speakers of their quality and jumped on them immediately, especially after the seller sent pictures of the boxes.

Richard can be ‘all over the place’ when responding to sn questions, from, ‘we do not catalog all the serial numbers as it would cost a fortune to do so’, to answering various changes within a series by serial numbers when certain changes took place. So, go figure ;-)

I checked on 3 pairs of Signature 2's and you're right. They all had the little 30th anniversary sticker. 
The ones I'm looking at are supposedly in mint condition and they look it from the pics.
Thanks a bunch.
 FYI the 30-year anniversary speakers are 2007
The newest Vandersteen Sig II offers the Vandersteen 5 A midrange Tweeter with woven carbon cone networked dialed in an acoustic chamber now to 1/10 of a DB a significant improvement!
  Looking at the Midrange driver will have threaded appearance older
designs are smooth.
Music lovers beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.
 Vandersteen dealer

audioconnection is referring to original Sig IIs compared to current production. Both are “Sig IIs”. Note that the first run of Sig IIs did not even have the 30th plate.
Richard Vandersteen isn't one to change letter/number designation very often in his speakers. As John Rutan said, look at the drivers. The small but significant changes in driver topology will give you a clue as to what you have as long as you know what to look for.
The original question was
Any way to tell the 2ce Signature to the 2ce Signature2?
The 2Ce Signature is distinguished from the original 2 Ce by the inclusion of RV's autograph on the backplate. An easy way to distinguish the 2Ce Signature II from 2Ce Signature is if the backplate also says "30th Anniversary". *But* early Sig II's had the 2Ce Signature plate with "II" added to the serial number. [of course, there are many substantial internal changes, also]

I know because my pair, purchased January 2008, was the latter case. Circa 2012, RV upgraded to the midrange driver to the "woven" diaphragm that audioconnection referenced. This is an improved, but un-named, version, ie, still "2Ce Signature II". RV (and many other manufacturers such as Ayre) often includes running improvements in his models but only changes the name when he feels they're significant.

If you want the very best performance you need to buy current production. But $1000 for the first iteration of the Sig II will sound really good and is a good deal.
I went from vintage 4' tall generic floor speakers with 8" drivers to ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2s. Even without hooking up the sub, these babies sing. The old guys had decent enough bass but like older gear, they lacked something. I am not a sophisticated and experienced reviewer so I am not able to say just what it was. Not so with the ELACs. I am actually listening to real music once again. I even have taken a first few steps into vinyl. I gave my old 1999 Technics TT away because we had not used it in a decade. I haven't broken the bank with my new U Turn TT but I got the loaded up version for about $450 and Ortophone Red cart. Time will tell if I go very far down that road but I will give it an honest shot. Now I have to find some reference platters. 
I had one that didn’t have the 30th anniversary sticker it it had the “II” at the end of the serial number.
The 2Ce Signature is distinguished from the original 2 Ce by the inclusion of RV's autograph on the backplate.
Wasn't aware of that. Good info. My 2CE Sig 'I's do, in fact' have Richards signature. I guess the moniker now makes sense ;-) Strangely enough, I never made that conscious connection.

If you want the very best performance you need to buy current production. But $1000 for the first iteration of the Sig II will sound really good and is a good deal.

I agree. That does seem like a great deal. I see many 'Sig 1s' going for that and more. Personally, when you look at the alternatives out there, I think Vandy's cost vs value are hard to beat regardless of series, new or used. Heck, IMO, my older 1CE's, for what I bought them for, are far better than any alternative I was looking at. I keep thinking about selling them for the same amount I paid, but cannot bring myself to do it.
I think Bkeske makes a good point.
Despite being 'long in the tooth', Vandy's have always outperformed the competitors both in sound and price. 
Truly a great value.
Despite being 'long in the tooth', Vandy's have always outperformed the competitors both in sound and price.
Indeed. The Vandy 2 is an easy recommendation at its price point, even double its price point. As for "long in the tooth", that overlooks that it is a well-established classic that is also frequently upgraded despite a stable model designation.
Great to read that the carbon technology is trickling down to the 2s. 

I would be very tempted to stretch to the VLR CT with a subwoofer or two.


No carbon drivers in the 2! Altho’ a previous iteration of the 5 midrange in now in the 2.
I bought my 2ce SigII’s from a dealer and they have both the 30th Anniversary decal and Richards signature. I could not part with them unless I bought the Quatro CT Wood. I would agree with the earlier comment that they sound better with each incremental amount of clean power. The stands and additionally proper placement also play a pivotal role in getting the very best sound from them. I have mine bi-wired with Analysis Plus Oval brown speaker cables.
I also own the VLR's.
As I am using them in my office, and more like monitors (way up near the ceiling with some angle downward), I have to say they also outperform well beyond their price. Previously, I had a pair of Zu Omen Bookshelves. They were good but not great. The VLR's smoke them.
If you will be using them on stands and adding subs, I don't think you will be disappointed. Especially with CT's, you would be coming close (70-80%) to a pair of Treo/Quatro's at an unbelievably low cost. Though I would suggest going for the new Sub 3's. Even a pair of 1's with subs is pretty killer.
My office system
Hsu VTE-1 Mk2 subs
Modded McCormack Micro Line Drive
Modded McCormack Micro Power Amp Monoblocks 
Ayre Codex
Bluesound Node
and alot of AQ interconnects
A bit much, but I couldn't ask for more.
@beetlemania Thanks for the correction. I guess I misread what audioconnection wrote. Perhaps he could clarify.

I have to say I’m still very happy with my cloth Quatros.

@gdnrbob  Thanks for the report.  I'd love to hear the VLR CTs.
Yes, audioconnection wrote “carbon” but I’m 100% certain RV is not able to put a carbon driver in a $2700 2Ce. I know he wants to make that technological more affordable but I haven’t heard even a rumor that the carbon drivers will make it into the 2 and 3, especially the midrange. From what I’ve read about the manufacturing costs, even a Treo with carbon midrange would probably retail north of $15K.
Probably needs clarification, carbon fiber comes in a variety of configuration, resin family, Bucky balls, graphemes, etc
the carbon in the CT and 7 drivers, with co-bonddd balsa core is of a particularly high stiffness aerospace grade.

engineering the driver to be pistonic and crossover is part of the magic.

like Richard said last eve “ I plan to spend the next ten years getting the pistonic drivers down in cost so more Vandersteen models can incorporate them and more music lovers benefit.
you can google his rather lengthy video showing laser analysis of in phase and out of phase breakup modes.....

Bob - he had a hearty laugh hearing about MXR powering VLR !!!!!

@tomic601 ,
Sorry I wasn't clear. 
I use the MXR's with the Treo's.
I use the MXR's with the Treo's.
I remember speaking to Michael at Ayre (customer service at the time) and discovered he used Ayre's top amp with Vandersteen 3A Sigs (I think it was the MX-R but maybe V-1?).
RV used MX-Rs with his 7s until he came out with his own amp.
pistonic drivers down in cost so more Vandersteen models can incorporate them
Would be fantastic if he can get a pistonic midrange into a sub $5K price point!
@gdnrbob like any good story, only a small part need be true
that is one killer office system you have
@tomic601 , 
Yeah, it is a bit over the top, but my main system really goes far beyond it.