Vandersteen 2ce sig ii vs Devore 0/93

Just curious if anyone has heard these two on the same system in the same room. I am guessing the 0/93 would or should be a huge setup up. I am running Atma-Sphere MA-1 silvers and a UV-1 with Bel Canto Dac 3. So power isn’t an issues with the vandies. reason I ask is that I am looking to move up from the 2ce sig ii. Devore and Daedalus is on my radar... 
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Treo CT
and yes, i have heard all 3 but not in the same system
of course, i am biased
Lol, I do respect your opinion.... I love my 2ce sig ii with my Atma-Spheres.... The Treo CT is pretty inefficient.... Although I do have 140 watts to play with. Could use zeros to extend Tube life... 
Tomic, are the Treo that big of a step up from the 3’s or 2ce sig ii? 

The Treo are a big step up from the 3 and the 2Ci.

We heard the Dedilus at CAP and they were okay loudspeakers.

The Devores are really impressive very musical and obviously efficient with stunning wood work.

You may want to also check out Legacy loudspeakers they are a fantastic buy and are very efficeint with models ranging from 92 t- 95db efficient and they love tubes big rich Vandy like sound.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Legacy dealers

I have listened to the Devore Orangutan 0/96, and still prefer the Vandersteen Treo Ct. Although not in the same room. FWIW.
The carbon tweeter is outstanding, 7-10 hour sessions no fatigue but also detail.... Miles Davis on now after 6 other LP’s

i just spent two weeks with my reference system and amazingly you get same tweeter and in family sound as the 7 for order of magnitude less....

you have plenty of power, I am running them ( albeit in a condo ) in a large volume room w 40 wpc NAIM

ran them w 22 wpc big tube Line Magnetic a local fellow Agon member  hauled over...lovely

OF course there are other alternatives....

enjoy the music

Interesting thread and question.  I've owned the Vandy 2CE Sigs, and more recently the Treos, and currently own a pair of Daedalus speakers.  My good friend has the O/96 Devores,  All great speakers IMO.

Interestingly, I think the Vandy 2CE Sigs compare more closely to the Devores than one might think, as they have that 3D, almost holographic presentation to them.  The Devores when driven with the right electronics (they are very dependent on what you drive them with according to my friend, and he drives his with Shindo gear) are also smooth and holographic.  The RSD Lou Reed Perfect Day Live set literally brought the legend back to life in his living room.   I think the Devores have a touch more forward detail than the Vandies, which are a little more polite and have a soundstage a bit further back.

The Treos have a more forward soundstage, a little more flavor "on the nose" of the sound, if you will.  I fond their detail retrieval to be excellent, especially late at night with lower volumes and you really felt like you weren't missing anything.  That forward sound comes at the expense of that holographic sound of the 2 CE Sigs, though, at least to my ears.  The older, sock puppet Vandersteen designs have a certain magic to them that I love.

The Daedalus speakers are also similar to the Devores, and often compared to them.  The workmanship of the Daedalus is just absurd.  They could be sold as furniture by Ethan Allen, they would be $20,000 a pair based on labor and materials alone.  Don't let the pretty  woodwork fool you, though - they have top notch drivers and crossovers and a sound that Lou Hinckley (owner/designer/builder of Daedalus) tunes to replicate what you hear when you hear live music, and to a real musician's ear.  Lou's stage creations were legendary, and in fact, the aforementioned Lou Reed had a Daedalus stage monitor speaker on tour with him in his last acoustic tours.  In my listening room, the Daedalus give you the detail, the smoothness of good acoustic instruments, yet none of the harshness and listener fatigue of many "high end" brands.  

Hard to see going wrong with the Daedalus or the Devores.  I think the Devores are a bit more fussy with electronics, whereas the Daedalus can be used with a wide variety (although quiet gear is a must as they are 96bd efficient).  The Devores excel with great jazz and vocals, although they can rock out as well.  The Daedalus can definitely handle all types of music.  Bass extension is better IMO with the Daedalus.  The Devores would benefit with a good, fast sub (Vandy maybe?).

I own the non-CT Treo's and use MA-1's with MP-3 preamp.
I have no issue with power. The Treo's are not a hard to drive speaker.
And, after owning a pair of 3a sigs before the Treo's, I can say the latter are definitely a major step up.
Thanks everyone... I really appreciate the input. As I always do. Been reading and lurking for many years on here. So much good sound advice.
Pstores we sell none of these loudspeakers but have heard them all.

The Vandy CT are good loudspeakers they are one out of a zillion great louspeakers at that price point.

We will agree that they are a huge step up from the 2 and 3 series.

We have heard Dediilus at a few shows and they really were outstanding in their cabinetry but sonically they didn't move us same with Salk great drivers great cabintery okay sound.

The current Devores are very musical high efficient loudspeakers with stunning cabinetry many people love them.

Just find a few good stores in your area and listen to them. The issue with the mail order speakers is actually being able to demo them.

Devore and Vandy have dealer networks so you should be able to find both of these in stores.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ No dog in this fight
Excellent post!
That's the kind of input that makes these forums useful and interesting.
Prof you are so correct.... Now I am going hijack my own thread... lmao...
   For you Vandie people.... How do you feel about the Magnepan 1.7i’s if you’ve heard them? 
   Thanks again guys this was a great thread with excellent feedback.
A pair of Treo CTs handily beat some Magnapan 20.7s at my local hi-fi shop IMO. More punchy and dynamic
Glad you asked about 1.7 or bigger ,     I really like them. spent several enjoyable hours listening to Jacintha on a pair here in San Diego recent w my old spare B77 half track.. Dealer is Stereo Unlimited, 7 big showrooms of fun and many top brands, including Vandersteen. they certainly gave the massive Mac monoblocks a workout but sounded great - 6-8’ out into an already big room. I think the room will be the issue for most. A credible contender and always on my list. Obviously a dealer network, value focused firm, going to around a long time, decent resale, on the list !

have fun
enjoy the music

i have a nice RSD disc spinning now Delos, Triplaner, Bardo, NOVA-II, NAIM Atom out to TREO-CT, nothing forward in my system, but everything is different....


Since you are asking about the Devore o/93s, are you familiar with my long thread in which I get very detailed about my audition of the Devore speakers?   I started with the o/96s and then in a page or two talk about listening to the 93s.  Here's the thread: