Vandersteen 2ce sig II or current vand 2ce sig?? B

I am interested in purchasing a pair of vandersteen 2Ce signature II,but do i buy a used pair when they first came out or a new one? It is no suprise that richard v. continually makes minor changes to his speakers without publicizing it. Therefore, I would like to know if there is a difference in sound quality between a first run pair and a current one?
I ask this because I remember when they first came out, the midrange didn't blend very well with the rest of the sound.
I bought my Sig IIs in Feb, 2008, shortly after they came out. The midrange was a bit veiled but I was pretty much able to cure that issue with a cable upgrade. They are coherent speakers; I would *not* say the midrange doesn't blend well. I am very happy.

That said, the newer versions are supposed to have several improvements since I bought mine (I spoke to RV @ RMAF 2011), most notably the tweeter and midrange drivers are identical to those found in the Quatro and (I think) 5A. I haven't heard the current production but, if I were buying and had the $$$, I would get current production.
With the recent price increase on the Vandersteen 2CE Sig II it was decided on that day to now feature the Vandersteen level 5A patented open back Midrange and tweeter along with improved parts Caps networks etc.
Look through grill and you will see the Mid driver with
its woven textured appearance.
As with any quality speaker purchase make sure you read the well written manual,follow proper set up procedures and perhaps you wont be shaken in your boots any more and enjoy the music.
Cheers JohnnyR