Vandersteen 2CE Sig II New vs. the older 2CE SigII

Has anyone heard the new 2CE Sig II with the new woven composite midrange vs the none woven composite midrange?
I'm Just wondering if there's a significant difference.
John at Audio Connection would know. I'm enjoying my older
SigII's even if they are only 5 months old. These speakers might be my last loud speaker purchase.
Agree the older 2CE Sig II olds are great IMO. I have some Quicksilver 70s and though they are not a perfect match (70s drive more efficient loads better) they are still amazing in the right room.
Silver 70's with the Vandersteens are a great match. I'm using the older Silver 60's which have plenty of drive as they use the V4 transformers.
I, too, am curious to know how the latest iteration compares to my Sig IIs purchased shortly after the Art Dudley review in 2007. I *really* like my Sig IIs, well driven by my Ayre AX-7. But being an audiophile, I'm neurotic and desire the latest, greatest thing!
Have you heard the new 2CE sig II yet?