Vandersteen 2CE Sig II New vs. the older 2CE SigII

Has anyone heard the new 2CE Sig II with the new woven composite midrange vs the none woven composite midrange?
I'm Just wondering if there's a significant difference.
I haven't but where did you hear about the new midrange driver? My only substantial complaint about my 2 Sig IIs was a slightly veiled quality in the midrange, which was all but completely cured after I upgraded my speaker cables.
Difference between 2ce sig II and new 2ce sig II with woven cone.

The new woven composite cone is based on the same driver as the Quatro and 5A. Both the 3a sig and the 2ce sig II use this and it is a significant refinement.
Cheers Johnnyr
Thanks Johnny, unfortunately I bought my sig II 4 months before the new driver came out. I should have waited. Maybe I'll sell mine and get the sig. II.
I have a pair of 2ce Sig II's purchased in May 2011. Would those have the new driver? I'm loving the speakers, but am just curious.
The price increased to $2395. When the new midrange driver was installed. The earlier $2195.pair price had the Sig 3a midrange. I bought my pair just before the newer version but could not be happier with this version. I owned the older 1986 series 2c's until the recent upgrade.
Its very simple the new woven cone in both the 3A Sig and the 2Ce Sig II came with a price increase. All speakers sold at the new price are the new woven cones.
I spoke to Vandersteen about upgrading the older 2CE sig II to the new 2CE SigII and the said, unfortunately they don't upgrade any 2 series model as they sold thousands of pairs world wide, it would be a life long career if they have to upgrade most of them. Anyway, beside the midrange driver change, Vandersteen also said that the crossover network circuitry is also upgraded to accommodate for the new driver.