Vandersteen 2CE sig II first run or current?....

I am interested in purchasing a pair of vandersteen model 2CE sig II speakers, but am I curious to know if there is a difference in sound quality between the first run (about 4years ago) model 2 sig and the current one. Its no surprise that Richard Vandersteen make minor changes to his speakers without publicizing it. Also, I remember when the new 2 sig came out its midrange did not blend very well with the rest of the speaker, so basically I would like to know if it now sounds better?

Years ago I sent my beloved 1Bs to Vandy to have the Damn Cat damaged covers re-done…called and asked if they could simply upgrade 'em somehow…Sir Richard got on the phone and read me the riot act, so to speak. How dare I minimize the completely redesigned crossover and drivers (who knew?) by suggesting a simple upgrade!…I quickly relented and sheepishly waited for my 1Bs return and sold 'em immediately from fear of future cat damage…the end. 
direct and to the point may not be the riot act.
the ? and many more are answered on the FAQ section of the website.
upgrades offered to orig purchasers of some models and are uneconomic at that.
some models which more than qtr M sold are almost impossible to track config on..they get improved near constantly.
amazing that he answers the phone.
1 B are an amazing speaker, I sold a ton of them in the 80' s the new i version even better. The latest 2 with an amp that can control it is the absolute giant killer affordable audiophile speaker.
I am biased.

I've heard that Richard can be forthright.  I've not talked to him, but I imagine you'd need to be forthright with him in return.  He makes speakers after all, not cures for cancer or economic asylum for all.  That being said, I own the latest version of his model 2s.  They are one of the best speakers I've owned.  The old stereotype of a "veiled, laid back or overly warm speaker" no longer applies.  This new midrange is very transparent and accurate.  I've owned Thiel, Merlin, Avalon, Tannoy, B&W and more.  The overall balance, coherence, timbre, tonality and bass are truly amazing for any speaker, much less one that retails for approx. $2500.00.  I have to be honest, the aesthetics are an acquired taste.  However, the music that the Vandersteens make transcend most if not all of my quibbles with their "looks".  Also, all this musical satisfaction in a way less than ideal room.  I use a Belles Soloist integrated, Rotel CD player and Harmonic Tech cables.  My experience.  Happy New Year.

" I've heard that Richard can be forthright."

He certainly can - when I called and told him I'd detonated one of the mid range drivers on my 4As, he acted as if I had abused one of his children (I hadn't, but my amp had an output device that had committed hara kiri, and took out the voice coil on the driver when it expired).    He did calm down - he is actually a very nice guy, he just doesn't suffer fools (or presumed fools) gladly!
I have the 2CE Sig II and really like it. I have MMG's in another audio system. The only thing I don't is the lack of low to very low tight bass. But that would come if I spent more money. In the future I might add a tight sub, maybe a REL. But mostly (90%) I am very happy with them. They are very musical, and I don't have a high $$ system.