Vandersteen 2CE sig - How Loud Can You Go???

A friend of mine is thinking of purchasing a pair of these speakers used. In my opinion, they are a great buy (if set up properly) and also fairly kid-proof (a consideration here). I've had them before, and recall the manual warning about extended periods of high volume. I never really had a problem with this. In your experience(s), do these speakers have a particular susceptability to being played at high volume, or can they rock? Does anyone take precautions with high volume? (When I had a party, I hooked up two sets of speakers to "spare" the Vandy's!).

Thanks, Peter

PS: Amps under consideration include: Stratos with cap upgrade, BEL, Classe CAP-101 integrated, and maybe a modified ST-70. Any thoughts?
The little red led's will tell you if you are having too much fun.

How loudly the speakers will play isn't solely a function of the power amp you use with the Vandy 2CE Sig's (or the "3" series either). Vandy speakers use a first-order crossover, which is necessary to maintain the phase coherency of the speaker. First-order crossovers have a common characteristic, which is their tendency to somewhat compress the signal when driven to high volume levels. Hence, Vandy speakers (at least the "2" and "3" series) aren't the ideal speaker if you intend to listen at very high, sustained volumes. Having said that, I know from my own experience with Vandy speakers (owner since 1987) that they perform much better with higher power amps. If you will be using the 2CE's in a larger room, or playing them fairly loudly, then I suggest you get a power amp that is rated at 150 wpc RMS and has good dynamic headroom (preferably about 3 db) -- and 200 wpc is advisable. This will rule out at least two of the amps you listed above.
After living with the 2Ce Sigs. for a while, I would think about 85db on recordings with a lot of deep bass is about it. This is in a smallish to medium room (15x23) If deep bass is not there, then they will play louder. To be honest, these speakers are not designed to be rock speakers. You need high efficiency speakers for that which the Vandy's are not. Vandersteen has a comprehensive explanation in the owners manual about this. It is not so much volume as it is how long that volume is sustained.
The Vandy's due require a lot of amplification watts. I agree with the above statement of at least 150w/ch. Also, these speakers, though fairly easy to drive, due have a low impedance dipping to less than 3 ohms. They do like current!
As far amps, the ST70 is out. If using tubes, you need something at least in the class of an ARC 100 mk.II or III (solid 100w/ch) Of the ones listed, I'd go with the Stratos.
If I was going to "Rock" with Vandersteen's, I'd use a pair of 2Wq matching subs.
In my opinion they don't quite get "there" when dynamics and volume are concerned even with a high powered amp. Why so many people say the bass is great is beyond me as I found it quite lacking. Vocals and airiness are quite good. Better speakers can be had for the same money imo.
>Better speakers can be had for the same money imo.

Wow. Please name them.