Vandersteen 2Ce Sig 2's with Alpha Core AG-1 wire

Any Vandersteen owners using Alpha Core AG-1 bi-wire speaker cables with 2Ce Sig 2's? I read the Art Dudley review Stereophile January 2007 on this combo. Dudley thought this cable is a great match. Also considering Audioquest speaker cable(bi-wire)"Gibraltar". I'm running with Quicksilver amps. Any thoughts on what would mate best?

Alpha-Core offers a generous free trial period. I think you will enjoy them. I urge you to try them for yourself.
I have heard them a couple times with Vandersteen speakers, but not in my system. They sounded great. I was told that the length of the cable needs to be kept short or they can sound a little lean. In the setup I heard the cables were 1 meter long. Again I have not compared them myself, but was told they were better than any of the audioquest this person had tried. I know you didn't ask, but the MI2s sound great with the 2ces and so do anti-cables that I use with my 3as. I did compare audioquest cables up to mount blanc to the MI2s and preferred the alpha cores.
I ran my 2Ce's with Kimber 8TC and it was great.
I had 3A sigs and Quicksilvers V-4's. I tried Kimber, Synergistic Reasearch but preferred the Audioquest Earth Seris, copper with detail. There is a 4' set of Mont Blanc Bi-wire on Agon for $525.00!!!! I heard MB's in my system and they are very nice with Vandy & Quicksilver, they have the same sound as the Volcano just a pinch "smaller" the Gibraltar has a pinch "smaller" sound than the MB's. I could have lived with the MB's but went with the Volcano.
Anyone do a shoot-out between The AG-2 wire vrs the Anti-Cables? Huge price difference between the two. For a four foot Bi-wire pair $670 vrs $90. I have an eight foot bi-wire pair of Anti-Cables on order. How could I resist...
I thought the Alpha-core AG2 was a great match with the 3As - I had been using AQ that was 3rd from the top of the line 7 years ago. I think the VS respond well to the whole Alpha-core line, but I suspect silver is proabably ideal for them with tube amps.
I have a pair of Signature II that I run with
my Jolida JD-502 and run bi-wire MI-2's. The
sound is wonderful. I have 7' runs and it is
not lean at all. The sound is full and open.
how much is the alpha core?
Why would you bother with anything else when Anti-Cables is so neutral, transparent, and inexpensive. I'm using it for all my cables after extensive listening tests with as many top shelf cables I could borrow. Only Audioquest Silver (Sky/Everest) are in the same league, but very much more expensive. That is my take on my system. You should audition for your own satisfaction.
When I got my Sig IIs, I had a single run of Cardas Neutral Reference with a jumper made of POS 12-gauge wire. Although I mostly enjoyed the sound, I was bothered by a veiled quality of voices and acoustic instruments. After a failed Ebay attempt to get a second run of Cardas, I lucked into a good deal on two used pairs of Ayre cables. Made a tremedous improvement on the midrange and I've been very happy with my system ever since. Stringreen, I considered the Anti-cables, but the user reviews are mixed so I decided to go with, for me, a known quantity.
Exocet954 &
The Alpha-Core MI copper series is a lot less expensive than the Alpha-Core silver AG series, and all in all a better comparison to the Anti-Cables in materials and price. In as much as these brands differ, they have much in common.
I suspect that with most amplifiers used with Vandersteens the MI 2 and AG 2 would probably be the best match. I would recommend two seperate identical runs terminated with Alpha-Core's silver spades when possible and absolutely recommend the use of Alpha-Core's RC networks. The Alpha-Core web site offers a guide based on amplifier power and length of runs. They also offer a generous free trial period.