Vandersteen 2CE's

I am looking at purchasing a pair of used 2CE's and was wondering if I can use any of the equipment I have, or should I be looking for a new amp setup? And if so, seperates or integrated?

I have a Rotel RB-985 MKII and a Sony TA-E9000es that was previously used with the Rotel.

This is my first step up so any suggestions would be most appreciated.
The sensitivity of the 2CE's is in the high 80's, 86 or so. You'll need some power to get em running at their best. I'm running a 200 watt Anthem amp and it's just enuff. How much power in the Rotel?
Good equipment to start. I prefer solidstate power with Vandersteens. Some prefer tubes. I find that good solidstate brings out the best of what they have to offer. They are revealing enough to perform even better with upmarket amplification and source components.
Having owned 2Ce Sigs they are relatively easy to drive; your amplification and source will do fine. Be sure to hook them up with high quality biwire speaker cable with spades though.
Keep an eye out for a well priced McCormack DNA-1 amp or one of it's incarnations.These amps put out about 175W/ch.Have heard this combo and it is very good.
Thanks for your answers so far. I really want to do right by the Vandersteens since this is my first step up.

The Rotel is 5x100. It was suggested by a friend that a NAD c372 might be an alternative?
You should be OK with the Rotel. In my experience, they seem to like more power, and quality power (McCormack).
100 WPC will drive them fine if the room is not too large.
More power is, of course, usually better. I don't think 200 watts is essential unless you play them really, really loud.
A McCormack DNA 125 is just the ticket for your Vandy's! Reasonably priced and just a superb match for those speakers.
Something not mentioned about the 2Ces yet is how critical proper set up is. When you get them take your time and experiment with placement, toe in, and most important in my experience, tilt angle. Those speakers can go from nice to exceptional with correct positioning. Enjoy.
I had a pair that I powered with a Bryston 4B rated at 250wpc that really played into the strengths of the Vandy's- clean fast bass response. You can use a 100 wpc amp but unless it is a nice tube amp I think you will be leaving alot of the Vandy's great sounding bass on the table. I originally powered them with a 60 wpc tube amp and they sounded great, I had no problems at all. When I went to the Bryston they really started to sing. I think they are a great speaker and If you drive them with some good clean power they will reward you with music that sounds like it comes from a much more expensive speaker. I'll second what Timrhu wrote- the Vandy's are VERY sensitive to placement, front to back tilt also. Take your time and you will be rewarded.
They are big, heavy and not particularly stylish, but if you can work around that they will make some great music. Good like with yours.
Aragon 8008 (aka- poor man's krell)- loads of power, sweet top end, good synergy with vandersteen model 2s, reasonable price (about a grand on Agon). I am referring to the pre-Klipsch Aragon by Mondial.
I agree with just about everyone who's responded--the common denominator being SS power and about 150W+ of it. I own an Aragon 8008ST (Mundial) and use it with great results for my pair of 2s.
I liked mine best with my Quicksilver M60s or mid monos. Those are pretty beefy 50-60 watt tube amps and they seemed to drive them just fine. The bass was a little fat but I usually like that. I tried a McCormack DNA 125 and Classe DR6 and didn't like them as much in my system. I always came back to the lower power tube amps over the moderately priced higher-power SS.
Wyldelee,I have a pair of 2ce,run with a NAD c372.I also have a pair of Polk Lsi15,run with the same NAD.I also run both sometimes with a 'pro' amp,300wpc.Just my story, (but I'm sticking to it)but ImhO,the Polks best the Vandersteen by an appreciable margin.(Yes,I know there is a volume difference due to 4ohm,as opposed to 7ohm difference when quick a/b switching for comparison using the NAD.That said for benefit of any flamer 'Vandy' owners.I also run them both through 2 separate 300wpc 'pro' amps,with the NAD as pre,wherby I can level match them.The Polks win the match hands down.Just sayin'.It is undeniable with top quality cd's as to the better sound between the 2.Several people have indulged me to listen to the comparison,and all have picked the Polks as superior.I have both pair as optimally placed as possible in my space,after much work. the difference is not the set up.
Agree with the above posters that your current amp ought to be fine to start, as the Vandies are pretty easy to drive--but the C372 is a great amp and a great match with them. I'm using that combo and love it, though I originally drove them with the C325BEE; it worked OK (at 50 watts per channel), but they really opened up, top to bottom, when I fed them more power. It's possible to get the C372 for around $800 new, which makes it a great value--just like the Vandersteens.
I have had the DNA-1s, sounded good. Then the TAD-60, much better, then the TAD-125 monoblocks, in another league entirely. The monos took any of the veil out of the Vandys. Made them sound very detailed with a huge soundstage and excellent range top to bottom.They cost under 1500....


Interesting how you feel it necessary to deviate from the op question. Did he ask for a speaker recommendation? No! Only a power question.

Always amazing to watch the Vandy haters come out of the woodwork.
Dseid,I re-read my response,searching (in vain as it turns out)for where I stated that I was a "Vandy hater". I don't know of any objects that I 'hate'.Certain people, now thats a different story.At any rate I don't hate you for criticizing me.I was merely offering my experienced opinion.Also I notice that, as of yet,the o.p. has not seen fit to scold me.I wish you a very pleasant evening,sir,........d4w.
P.S Dseid.The o.p. also had, per his post, not yet bought the 'Vandies'.My intent at the time was to mention that,since the Polks are in the same price range,he might find it useful to take a listen to Polks.And lest you feel overly offended by a critisism of Vandersteens,you should read the multitude of critics of Polks.Yet,as I have read numerous comments about Polks,even though I feel certain some of the posters have never heard them,or at least not in a proper setting with adequate power,I have not once posted a strident rebuke of a poster.Best to you,sir,........D4W.
I have also owned both the Vandy 2CE sigs and the Polk LSi-15s; two very different speakers for sure. If I had the room and could live with two large monoliths in the room I'd go for the Vandys. The Polks are very accurate and detailed but I'm partial to time coherent designs.

I apologize for my post...was watching my college football team lose their 4th in a row and was a bit cranky. Stating you hate the 2ce was way off base, and all you were stating was what you heard.

I should have been listening to my Vandy 3A Sigs instead of watching football on tv anyway:>
I don't think Double4w sounded like a Vandy hater (are there any? really?) but I kinda agree that in the context of the OPs question suggesting other speakers can (not in this case, I don't think) be a shill tactic. I no longer own Vandersteen, but was a very long time use of the 3A Sig and for the money, I don't there you can do much better, a very fine speaker indeed.
Dseid,apology accepted.I actually consider the 2ce very good speakers,not that I am a 'qualified' audiophile,however.I do know what sounds good ImhO.I have heard a myriad of speaker brands and models.To you and Pubul57,I apologize for offending your sensitivities as to offering advice where none as to speakers was requested.If the op had already had the 'Vandy' I would certainly not have mentioned the Polks.I assure you both,I am no shill.I periodically,as opportunity arises,continue to search for speakers that are affordable to by means,which best the Polks by a significant margin.I have heard many,most more pricey,and am still looking.
best to you both,D4W.
I suggest you check the archives.