Vandersteen 2CE or 1C for small room?


I am considering Vandy 1C or 2CE sig II as my next purchase. I would like a speaker that would work in a small or large room. Would the 2's be too bass heavy in a small room(say 10' by 10')? Would I lose a lot of fidelity if I bought the 1C's?

Can you set up the room on a diaganol? 10x10 rooms are tough. This setup has the potential to give you the best sound. I would recommend the 1C in this situation.

The 2CE needs to be away from any walls to sound best, 2-3 feet minimum. In a room 10 x 10, using the 2's would be like wearing giant headphones. 3 feet from each wall and your head 2-3 feet from any wall-I call that near field listening.
I have 2CE sigs and initially I was using them in a room 8 X 13 with the speakers along one of the short walls. It sounded good but not as good as it does now in a room that's about 13 X 16. I'd get the 1C's.
Here's another vote for the 1C's. They're wonderfully musical speakers, and very easy to enjoy. What's your electronics set-up going to be ?
Actually, my current room is 15 x 25 but I like trying speakers in different rooms, many of them small. I'm thinking that the 1C's would sound good in a small or large room were as the 2CE is better suited for a larger room. To this day the best sound I have heard at my house is a pair of MMG's in a 11 X 13 room with 14 foot ceilings positioned diagonally as Narrod suggested.

My first pair of audiophile speakers that I heard was a pair 2CE sigs at Audio Atlanta about ten years ago. They blew me away. Now it's time to buy Vandersteen for my own home after going through twenty different pair.

All things considered, other than bass, do the 1C's give me a good dose of the Vandersteen sound or are the 2CE sig II vastly superior sonically?



Greetings Pete
Great question (((do the 1C's give me a good dose of the Vandersteen sound or are the 2CE sig II vastly superior sonic ally?)))
answer to both? is yes
As alway in life if you want the best you are up for a little challenge you can experience great performance without compromise. You can install the Vandersteen 2CE sigs and not have to worry about the bass.
Just take the Vandersteen 2WQ high pass install between pre and amp adjust it trying from the bottom switch setting and go up until the bass is to your preference.
Best John Rutan
The 2Ce Sig MKll is vastly superior because it has the 4 1/2" mid range speaker that RV invented and help make the Vandys unique sound!!! The bass is an extra plus. Hummm a Yugo or an Audi, this shouldn't be to tuff!!! The 1c is good for what it was created for( low $ entry speaker) but compared to the 2Ce Sigs MKll, please!!! Once they go into the 15X25 room they won't be coming out you'll be so stoked and you won't be moving them around like the MMG's trying to find more bass!!
Hi John

What is the 2WQ high pass? Is it part of the subwoofer? Will this setup work with an integrated amp?

I'm thinking that a Beringer EQ might work if I want to fit the 2CE sigs in a smaller room one day


A few years ago my system with a pair of Vandy 1Cs was in a 10X11 room. They worked very well in that small room. So well I bought a pair of the 2CE sigs from a local guy and put them in the room. The 2CE sigs were way too large for that room. IMO it would be extremely difficult to get enough distance between the speakers and the listening position to allow for proper integration.
Within a month I sold the larger Vandys. I'm sure the 2CE series are fantastic speakers but they need room to shine.
To this day I believe the 1Cs are one of the best bargains in audio.
I've been weighing the same speakers for a just slightly bigger room: 12 x 20 with the speakers on the long wall. Is this still unrealistic amount of space for the 2CEs? What other recommendations do people have for that kind of space that's a step or two up from the 1Cs?
Cutterfilm, you can handle the 2's.
I've heard the 2's in a lot of different setups. They are room sensitive, and not just in the bass. As good as they are, they can sound down right bad, in either too small a room, or with poor placement.
Okay, Unsound, I can believe the assessment.

So, if I'm looking for something for my room that's a above the 1C's (just for comparison sake), what would be on the list to audition? Is a good sound stage possible in a 12 x 20 room?
What's the budget? Yes.
Budget would be anywhere from $900 to $1,800. Willing to go to the top end of that range if it makes sense. All my other equipment is used (MF 3.2cr amp, TAD-150 pre) and could go with a used pair, but I'm slightly weary of used speakers.
The Vandy 2's are certainly strong contenders. If you like what Vandersteen does, though very different in some ways, these share some characteristics: Dunlavy SC IV's, Meadowlarks, Thiel CS 3.5's, and though I haven't heard them, the Green Mountain's belong to the same school of thought. The Thiel 3.5's, have a different perspective, would cost less, but the savings would have to go towards amplification. Though later Thiels could be found in your budget, I believe the amp requirements would bust the budget. In any case, I would reccommend some absorbing room treatment directly behind the listening position for your layout.
Thanks, unsound. You think the 2's could work with some room treatments? I only just upgraded to the Musical Fidelity A3.2cr amp, so I can't really justify upgrading again for the time being. I think they're rated around 130 watts per channel (at 8 ohms). Been reading about Green Mountain and the Meadowlarks. I'll look into the Dunlavy's.
If your placing the speakers along the long wall, with appropriate speaker placement, your head will probably be close to the opposing wall. Therefore, you will in all probability need some absorbing room treatment behind your head, as is true with most speakers that work best with some space behind them.