Vandersteen 2ce and McCormack floor models...

I have just received my Vandersteen 2ce speakers (took four months!!).. The shop where I bought the speakers has a McCormack set up consisting of the UPD-1 universal cd player,RLD preamp and the DNA125 amp. It sounds good. I gather from the forums here that Vandersteen and McCormack is a good marriage. Was wondering if these models are ok for the vandersteens and if he is selling these floor models, what kind of a price reduction is to be expected? Any suggestions for cables is appreciated as well.. he is using ?? but they cost 1500$. series named after vikings or something. sorry to be vague about that.
I can testify that the UDP-1 (if it's the deluxe model) is a great CD player, they typically go here at Audiogon for about $2100.00 used. Don't know if your dealer could offer at that affordable price or not.

As for voicing of Vandys with McCormack, many years ago when Steve began designing his products, he used Vandersteen speakers as one of his references. I suspect they are still a great match.
Kimber cable is a good match with Vandy's. Me I'm using a pair of 6 foot Anti Cables with great results on my Vandersteen 3a's. There's plenty of imfo on these on this site.
Dollar for dollar, one would be hard pressed to find a better value than a McCormack/Vandy setup. Do make sure your room can accomodate the Vandersteens.
Thanks for the help. I looked at the UDP-1 but am not sure if it is the deluxe model.. is it designated as such? The dealer did not seem to know.

My room is a hard loft..12 foot ceilings, 20 feet of windows on one end, a big open space. I would assume that the set up should not be in front of the windows. I would hope this space can accommodate the Vandersteens.

Also is there a way to tell how old the units are? Can you tell by the serial numbers on the back on the units?
I've owned Vandy 1c's, 2ce's and now 3a's. I've used MANY amps with them (check out my system for a partial list) including McCormack DNA .5 and DNA 1, although never a 125. I like McCormack amps a lot and think they are a great bargain, but I'm now using a Belles 150A Reference and there is simply no comparison. On the used market you should be able to find a Belles for close to the same price as a 125 and it's definitely worth checking out.

The Vandy's need space, the size of your room should work in your favor. On the other hand, though they are somehwhat warm and soft sounding, they do have wide dispersion. Room treatments like rugs and drapes can help a lot.

Thanks for the help. I looked at the UDP-1 but am not sure if it is the deluxe model.. is it designated as such? The dealer did not seem to know.

If the dealer does not know, it's likely NOT a UDP-1 Deluxe.

The deluxe upgrade Is fairly expensive and requires the player shipped back to the factory. The standard version is poorer performance and it's value is hundreds of dollars less.

There are reviews published that explain the sound differences and If there is still doubt about which model the one is, copy down the serial number and call Conrad Johnson, they can tell you which it is, and price the upgrade at the same time.

I wish you good luck with this.