Vandersteen 2C v PSB silver i v Dahlquist DQ 20

I now have a pair  of Vandersteen 2C speakers. I  have had two pairs of 2CE and two pairs of 2CE sig ones over the years and I prefer the 2C. probably because of the tweeter  Also looking at PSB silver i and Dahlquist DQ 20s.  Am I wasting my time even bothering with the other two?  PSBs come off to me as warm and fuzzy and the tweeter is very low on the Silver  i.  Not sure the DQ will get down there in the bass.  Also I am not a big ported speaker fan prefer Acoustic suspension  or passives.  NOT saying the others are not great speakers because I know they are.
I have no experience with the PSB, but both the Vandy and Dahlquist will benefit from a sub or two.
Perhaps buying a 2w or 2wq and integrating it with the 2c's you have now will be a great upgrade. 
If you still think you want to change speakers, get the Dahlquist and use the subs with them. Vandy subs and DQ are a time honored match.
Funny, I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of DQ10's a week ago.