Vandersteen 2c -- Foam Issues

I'm thinking about buying a pair of Vandersteen 2c. But I'm a little worried because I have read about foam breaking down. How do you check to see whether the foam has detoriated? Will the foam eventually detoriate even if has not yet? Am I better of spending about $250 more and buying Vandersteen 2ce due to this issue? Thanks for any responses.
Geez....I've had my Vandersteen 2's for over 20 years and haven't worried (until now) about foam. My don't seem to be foaming. But if you mean some part of the internal speaker, I can't imagine how you'd 'get in' to see it. Or damping foam either. So, good luck. I love my steens!
First I've heard about this being an issue. I've been using Vandy's since 79. Take a chance and call Richard---but, be forewarned, if this is truly not an issue, be prepared to get an ear full!!!!!!
Does anyone even know if they have foam surrounds?
They are foam surrounds and will break down over the course of time. I had all of the woofers replaced for a friend of mine a few years ago for his 2Cs. I sent the old ones back to Vandersteen and he sent new ones. I think it was around 100.00 back then.
I bought some original 2s that were pretty old and the foam was shot. I replaced the drivers and all was fine.
thanks for the responses. The reason I asked whether how someone might check the condition of the foam, is that I read somewhere that this could possibly be done with a flashlight through the grill. But I'm a complete newbie and am not quite sure what I would be looking for. Is there a way to check the condition of the foam without taking the speaker sock off? What are the signs when the foam detoriates, if it ever does? Or am I being paranoid about a non-issue,i.e., if the speakers sound good just buy them and worry about this issue later IF it ever arises? Thanks again for the respones, they are helpful.
You will know it if the surrounds go.