Vandersteen 2C, 2Ci, 2Ce, 2Ce-sig comparisons

I just bought some Vandy 2Ci's, hooked them up and they sound pretty good...I think they're too close together, and too far from the side walls, but I have some Infinity 3009's 'in the way'...
I wonder if someone could give me some DETAILS on what was done in the 2>2C>2Ci>2Ce>2Ce-sig history ?
I'm curious as to what a 2C would sound like (or 2Ce-sig if I could fine a pair not too much $) compared to the Ci.

Already been to (and all over with google) but found little there...


Sorry, you'll have to purchase the 2Ci review.
I'm pretty sure I read all those already...I started to make a list or table of which version shad what drivers, what chnages were made,,, but I gave up. Each review is mostly tailored to that review only. I was hoping for a c/2C/2ci/2Ce/2Ce-sig/II-sig comparison. Yes, I know small "improvements were made all along the way..."
Mainly I was hoping for a 2C/2Ci/2Ce comparison at least...oh well, guess I have to buy them all and experiment :)
I would suggest you remove the other speakers in the room so you don't ruin the intended natural frequency response
of the vandersteen speakers you are trying to enjoy.
Best Johnnyr
Now you sound like my wife ! Just kidding...yes, I need to do that, easier said than done :) Now, if I lived alone...

I did though, swap some speakers and found the 2Ci's aren't as 'bright'/in your face/2nd row, as I 1st was all positioning...