Vandersteen 2 surrounds still good after 30?

I am looking to get a pair of Vandersteen Model 2s. From what I can tell they where made in 1977. The seller tells me that they sound great but I am guessing that the surrounds are gone. They would have to be after 30 years….right?

How much would it cost to have the surrounds replaced and or can I do this myself. Places like parts-express sell surrounds repair kits. I did this to an old subwoofer and it was very easy.

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Lgwing...the above list was taken directly from the Vandersteen website.
Here is the series 2 timeline:

1977 – Vandersteen Model 2 debuted
1979 – Vandersteen Model 2a
1980 – Vandersteen Model 2b
1980 – Vandersteen Model 2c - last model using perishable foam surrounds
1989 – Vandersteen Model 2ci - 1st model using butyl rubber surrounds
1992 – Vandersteen Model 2ce
2000 – Vandersteen Model 2ce signature
2007 – Vandersteen Model 2ce signature II

If the speakers you are looking at are before the 2ci model, then they probably will need new surrounds.