Vandersteen 2 sub, what filters do you use?

There seems to be a lot of 2w and 2wq owners out there. I want to find out from those who are using amps with a 100k input(I am using an ARC VT60), which fixed filter values their dealers are telling them will work best or which ones that they find best and why? i.e.samller room drop to 75K? My dealer ordered me the 75s and now has no explination for doing so after I told him that the 100k setting was best on the switchable temporary X-over. I find the crappy mid a trebble sound of the switchable unit distracting. I know you are "only supposed to listen to the bass" with this thing in the system. It seems a waste to buy a extra pairs of the $125 fixed units in a different value when you are only going to use one pair in the end.
Hi, Maxgain. I can't tell from your post if you are using the stock X-2 crossover for the Vandy sub, or the custom Model 5 X-overs made for use with the 2Wq (each channel is housed in a separate box). For the clarification of those not familiar with how to set the crossover, Vandersteen recommends that you select the value which is one level below the input impedance of your power amp. (Hence, for an amp with a 50k ohm input impedance, one would select the setting for 33k ohms, as shown in the table below.)

Here are the values I have:

X-2 crossover:
200k ohms -- None (switches set to "off")
100k ohms -- 4,8
50k ohms -- 3,7
33k ohms -- 3,4,7,8
20k ohms -- 2,6
15k ohms -- 2,3,4,6,7,8
10k ohms -- 1,5
5k ohms -- ALL switches on

Vandersteen also offers the crossover used for the Model 5 for use with the 2Wq, but the settings required are different. Here are the settings for the M5 crossover when used with the 2Wq (note there are two sets, one for unbalanced inputs, and the other for balanced inputs):
1. Settings for unbalanced inputs (RCA):
400K ohms -- 3,5
300k ohms -- 6
200k ohms -- 3,4
150k ohms -- 5
100k ohms -- 4
75k ohms -- 3
50k ohms -- 4,8,10
33k ohms -- 4,5,6,7,10
20k ohms -- 3,4,7,10
10k ohms -- 3,5,6,7,9,10
6k ohms -- 9,10

2. Settings for balanced inputs (XLR):
400k ohms -- 4
300k ohms -- 3
200k ohms -- 5
150k ohms -- None (switches set to off)
100k ohms -- 1,3,7,10
75k ohms -- 1,7,10
50k ohms -- 1,3,4,6,10
33k ohms -- 1,3,8,10
20k ohms -- 2,4,9
15k ohms -- 1,2,3,4,9,10

Hope this helps. By the way, I called Vandersteen to get the settings for the M5 crossover, and Richard was quite helpful (grin). I know from your recent posts that you are not real happy with Vandersteen lately, but if you want to get the best quality from your 2Wq subs, I really suggest buying the custom M5 crossovers. The internal parts include WIMA caps and Infinicaps, Vishay resistors, etc., and a 9-volt battery (hardwired) to keep the caps charged. This crossover is a honey -- I am absolutely unable to tell there is a X-over in my system. Unfortunately, the M5 X-overs aren't cheap: $600 per pair for unbalanced inputs, $800 per pair for balanced inputs. I got a used unit through my local Vandy dealer, but it still cost $400.
After making the post above, I looked at the info sheet that Vandersteen provides for the settings to use the Model 5 crossover with the 2Wq sub, and found there is a point which I failed to note: when selecting values for the Model 5 crossover, pick the value that corresponds to the input impedance of your amplifier, NOT one value below the impedance of your amp.

Note, however, that the value chosen (whether one value below, or the exact impedance, of your amp), is a STARTING point. As the owner's manual notes, you should try values one level above and one level below the "optimal" setting.