VANDERSTEEN 2 owners can get $500 for trade in

Towards Treo or higher. Makes it easier than selling lol. The prices go up on 1 June so it's a good time to upgrade if you are thinking about it. Thought I'd share. Also you can get the treo on up in painted form or any color if you don't want the wood. I love the look of my new painted Quatros. Just wanted to share 
You are an enabler.
But, in a good way.

So, do you have to ship the 2's back to Vandersteen? The cost would kind of reduce the benefit of the trade in.
My guess is that RV is assuming visiting a dealer with the trade-in.  That is more or less realistic depending on your geographic location.  UPS would probably cost about 1/5th of the trade-in!
Yes, dealer trade in.  Makes the most sense.  It's actually a great deal if you have older 2's as you don't have to sell and ship and go through the hassle.  

To me, it's the perfect time to do an upgrade and see if the dealer would be willing to also make a nice deal on a pair of speaker cables as the new AQ cables are really sweet sounding with the Treo's on up.  I bet you could strike a great deal and save a lot of $$$.  The best part about his line is that he doesn't give discounts so we all pay roughly the same for the speakers and it helps the resale market when you decide to move up in the line.  That's why I did and it was WELL worth it once I could afford it.  

LOVING the PAINTED finish on the Quatro's ;)....that alone is worth the upgrade.  Just STUNNING....
Let’s be honest. If you have the money to buy the Treo, on up, $500 isn’t really that much. Two years ago I sold my 2C’s for $600 in two days. Hopefully, someone will be excited just by you mentioning this and jump on the deal. I am glad there is no dealer anywhere close, or I might be tempted myself. I will say one of the hallmarks of Vandersteen is that they offer upgrade work on their speakers. You don't see that in many products period! 
Kenwood,I agree that 500 for a trade in is easy and helps many get what they really want, which is the upgraded model or two.  I personally think there are major differences between all his speakers.  Even the difference between the 2 and 3 to me, is good size and worth it IF you have the coin.
My brother in law has two pair of twos !!!!

One for each ear, lol.