Vandersteen 2 Grill Cloth Housing

I am having someone coming over to look at the speakers.
They want to take a look at the cones and surrounds on the woofers.
How do I get the Grill cloth housing off things off?
Are they easy or relatively easy to get back together again?
Can someone direct me to some drawings or instructions.

Thanks in advance.
The cloth is not Designed to be removed, the top and bottom caps are glued.
Shine a light, or place them in sunlight to see the cones through the grill material.
The procedure is listed on the Vandersteen websight but it's not something you want to do.
Don't do it you will simply devalue the speakers. Find a buyer who understands and values intact Vandersteens.
I agree with the others. Vandersteen has a special gig for installing the grill cloth and end caps. It can be done manually but it is not easy and difficult to reinstall perfectly. If they were mine I wouldn't do it.