Vandersteen 2/3 vs. 3A MM de Capo vs. GMA Europa

I would like to upgrade my modest system:

Squeezebox (stock) playing FLAC files
Rogue Audio 66 Magnum
Threshold S/200
Onix Reference 1 monitors
ACI Force XL subwoofer

I have a large room, about 14' x 28' (somewhat irregular shape) that is open to another room and a corridor.

I think that speakers would be the best upgrade at this time and the three I have mentioned in the title are high on my list (I haven't heard any of them so it is based on what I read here). I’m interested in other suggestions. The budget is $1500- $2000 used, depending on whether I need to keep the subwoofer.

I often listen to music many hours a day so non fatiguing sound is important. Also I don't always listen from the sweet spot and I would like speakers that sound as good as possible throughout the room. I often listen at night at lower volume. I listen to all kinds of music; almost everything except orchestral and hip-hop/rap .

I’m new to this hobby and I’m not sure I know exactly how to describe what I’m looking for. I want a more room filling sound and for the speakers to disappear (that is sometimes a shortcoming of my current system). I like details and good imaging.

I should mention that one of the reasons I’m considering 3A MM de Capo is because I might want to try a tube amp in the future so higher sensitivity speakers would be useful.

Am I on the right path thinking about the speakers or should I consider changing the electronics? I would appreciate any specific suggestions but also general advice how I should go about the upgrade.

Second the Vandy reco (as I am biased, and have and love my 3A Sigs), and like you find myself "around" the room while listening. Vandies get knocked for that "they only sound good in that 6 inch by 6 inch keep you head still sweet spot", but I do not find that out of the sweet spot they are poor sounding. Yes in the sweet spot they are heaven, but very pleasing anywhere I listen.
If I may toss in a wildcard here, you may want to consider Ohm 100's. Copious bass and HUGE sweet spot by design. $1700 brand new from Ohm with a 120 day home trial.
Rebbi, thanks for the Ohm suggestion. I started checking into them and they look very interesting...
I posted this earlier for another thread but thought it applied here

I would highly advise you to look at Green Mountain Speakers. I have a small room that is acoustically difficult to place speakers in. I have had a number of "box" speakers with mediocre results. After falling for a pair of Maggies when I bought my Monarchy DAC, I spent months researching what to buy. There was no way I could get a decent placement in the room with Maggies. They need to be placed far into the room (4 ft) and away from walls.

So after months of research, I happened to read a bunch of review of Green Mountain Speakers and became convinced that the time/phase coherent sound was worth a shot. I bought a set of used Europa's and feel they have all the good qualities of planar's without the size and placement problems. Since they minimize reflected sound through the design, they are not as finicky about placement.

Anyway, if you want to avoid large panels and still get the sound, try them - there are other time/phase coherent speakers on the market as well - search "Green Mountain" on the forums for more info.

You're welcome! Also, I started a monster thread here called "Ohm Micro Walsh Talls: Who's Actually Heard 'Em?" that contains a ton of useful info on the Ohm line and speakers in general.