Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?

Hi, I hope you, and yours, are all well and safe.  In going over thoughts for a 2nd system, I have been thinking of various speaker systems.  I have no experience with the entry level Vandersteens.  If you want to, I would appreciate what your experience/ thoughts are with this model.  Would most likely be using them with a Magnum Dynalab receiver, Wireworld older Eclipse cables and a mid-level Oppo SACD/CD/DVD-A player.  The reason for thinking of a receiver is a couple of decent college Jazz/Classical stations in my area.  The only other receiver experience I have had goes back some time to the Nakamichi SR-3a.  Thanks, 
My my biggest challenge with the 2C’s is getting them to ’disappear’ as well as you can the 1C’s. That is important to me. Do they? Well no, not as easy as the 1C’s in my space, but after much fussing with placement, they are pretty close (source depending, some are easier than other per how the recording was mic’d/mixed). The one thing that made a tremendous difference was both some simple absorption and diffusion panels strategically placed. Actually diffusion works better in some locations to help break-up the sound waves vs absorbing them, creating a much better and wider soundstage which help to ’hide’ the 2Ce’s.

I have no real problem with overloading my room with the acoustic couplers, but as said and again, placement and acoustical treatment help. But, an interesting solution using one of Richards high pass filters. Heck, I also have two powered subs hooked-up in stereo that sit behind and adjacent to my 2Ce’s and adjusted for music, (with absorption panels that surround two sides of them so as not to allow too much pressure to build-up), not HT, so there ya go ;-)
The size of your room and help make your decision.   I recently purchased apair of 2ce II signatures and had them in a small room 10X12.  They sounded good but was curious what they would sound like in a larger room so moved them downstairs into my living room which is much larger and has a vaulted ceiling and they just came alive.  The difference was huge.  

If you have a smaller room the 1's may actually sound better but if size allow's you'll get more sound from the 2's.  
Of the rooms I could use them in, the sizes would be 14x25, 12x14 and 12x15.  I have owned and liked the following brands in the past, original Advents, Dahlquist 10, Maggie 1.6, 3.6 and 20, Martin Logan Sequel, a couple of models of Quads...and, likely, others I have forgotten.  I am an old fart and do have some rock I listen to, but I am mainly a listener of classic Jazz from the last century and some classical.  Volume is not a factor as I listen at levels that will not make the dog leave the room.  Over the last 20 years I have become more of a listener of very good small college Jazz and Classical stations...esp. ones that do not compress or freq. limit their signals.  One of the small college stations seems to have some students that have discovered American Jazz from the 30s through early 70s and it is a joy to listen to the 20-something year old "D.J.s" love for the music....and nearly half of the students are females...and do take requests for some of the great female Jazz/Standards singers. 

Take care, Jim
@whatjd ,
Those room sizes should be fine with with the Vandy's. And, given your previous brand preferences, I think you will find the Vandy sound to your liking.