Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?

Hi, I hope you, and yours, are all well and safe.  In going over thoughts for a 2nd system, I have been thinking of various speaker systems.  I have no experience with the entry level Vandersteens.  If you want to, I would appreciate what your experience/ thoughts are with this model.  Would most likely be using them with a Magnum Dynalab receiver, Wireworld older Eclipse cables and a mid-level Oppo SACD/CD/DVD-A player.  The reason for thinking of a receiver is a couple of decent college Jazz/Classical stations in my area.  The only other receiver experience I have had goes back some time to the Nakamichi SR-3a.  Thanks, 

The 1ci’s were the first "audiophile" speaker I ever purchased. Being new to audio, not knowing what I really liked, and thinking I could do better, i got rid of them. I tried upgrading to the 2ce Sig II’s but found they were way too much speaker for the rooms in my house.

I then went on a journey to find the right speaker for me. Ultmately I settled on Kef R11s. A fine speaker for sure, but tend to be a bit fatiguing at times.

Recently a pair of 1ci’s fell into my lap for a ridiculously good price. I figured I would use them in a 2nd system. Turns out I like the 1ci so much, I’m thinking about selling the Kefs which cost over 3 times more than the Vandies.

The Vandies just do certain things really well. I find they draw me into the music more. They convey a size and scale to instruments that the Kef’s dont. They are non-fatiguing and I find that I listen to music for longer stretches of time.

My system now:

Vandersteen 1ci
Vandersteen 2WQ sub
Belles Aria integrated
Bluesound Node 2
Mytek Liberty DAC (just acquired an Ayre Codex as well)
Audioquest cables

Good luck to you!

Killer system, audionoobie.  So much so, that I think you should change your handle.
Killer system, audionoobie.  So much so, that I think you should change your handle.
Thanks! Can I actually do that? :)