Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?

Hi, I hope you, and yours, are all well and safe.  In going over thoughts for a 2nd system, I have been thinking of various speaker systems.  I have no experience with the entry level Vandersteens.  If you want to, I would appreciate what your experience/ thoughts are with this model.  Would most likely be using them with a Magnum Dynalab receiver, Wireworld older Eclipse cables and a mid-level Oppo SACD/CD/DVD-A player.  The reason for thinking of a receiver is a couple of decent college Jazz/Classical stations in my area.  The only other receiver experience I have had goes back some time to the Nakamichi SR-3a.  Thanks, 
The Vandy 1's are pretty sweet for the price, but just like bkeske found out, you end up looking at higher models.
Though not floor standers, the Vandy VLR's are a super buy.
With either, I would get a sub to enhance the bass. The older Vandy subs are great performers and have dropped in price now that the new Sub 3 has been introduced.
Unfortunately, I don't think your MD receiver has a preamp Out.
Regarding receivers, you can probably access those stations via the internet. Buy a Bluesound Node. When monies are available, get an Ayre Codex or Schiit Gungnir DAC. Using a streamer will allow you to access Tidal and Qobuz, too.
If it were me, I would buy the Vandy speakers and switch to a Belles Aria integrated, buy some AQ cables and a Vandy sub and be done with it.-Well, until upgraditis sneaks in again.😈
I think 1s are a great choice for a second system.  They are much less demanding of the partnering amp than the larger floorstanders.  And way more compact.  
Have heard them with modest tube gear at Johnny’s place and was dumbfounded. 

The 1ci’s were the first "audiophile" speaker I ever purchased. Being new to audio, not knowing what I really liked, and thinking I could do better, i got rid of them. I tried upgrading to the 2ce Sig II’s but found they were way too much speaker for the rooms in my house.

I then went on a journey to find the right speaker for me. Ultmately I settled on Kef R11s. A fine speaker for sure, but tend to be a bit fatiguing at times.

Recently a pair of 1ci’s fell into my lap for a ridiculously good price. I figured I would use them in a 2nd system. Turns out I like the 1ci so much, I’m thinking about selling the Kefs which cost over 3 times more than the Vandies.

The Vandies just do certain things really well. I find they draw me into the music more. They convey a size and scale to instruments that the Kef’s dont. They are non-fatiguing and I find that I listen to music for longer stretches of time.

My system now:

Vandersteen 1ci
Vandersteen 2WQ sub
Belles Aria integrated
Bluesound Node 2
Mytek Liberty DAC (just acquired an Ayre Codex as well)
Audioquest cables

Good luck to you!