Vandersteen 1Ci, Tekton Lore Reference, or Fritzspeaks Grove for a small room

I have not had the time to devote to listening to my system for a few years... Now that I am retired, I want to set up a system in a small room (12 X 14).  I am leaning toward small floorstanders so I don't have to mess with stands.  I am considering the Vandersteen 1Ci and the Tekton Lore Reference--but I see that the Fritz Grove is on special for $800, so they are also under consideration.  My amp is a Cayin A50T EL 34 tube integrated.  The nearest Vandersteen dealer is a couple of hours from my house, so I am able to listen to them.  I sent an inquiry to Tekton over a week ago, and have not heard back--I had the same problem lack of communication with them several years ago, when inquiring about the original Lores.  On the other hand, I have talked with Fritz several times in the past, and he goes out of his way to discuss his products.  At one time I did demo one of his older products, a MTM design.  I am hesitant to contact him yet about the Groves, until I am reasonably sure I would purchase them--He is so accommodating, that I feel guilty if I don't purchase something! 

At at any rate, I am looking for something that would work well in my small (basement) room, that has a reasonably wide sweet spot (two or three seats).  Thanks in advance for all input!

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I heard the Vandersteen 1Cis set up at Audioconnection, and I was very favorably impressed.  Johnny was playing Rosa Lee by Doug MacLeod and I asked him --  where's the sub?  Really big sound from such small floor standers.  He was driving them with tubes, so it sounds like you're good on that front.

I have to think that they have their dynamic limitations given the 1st order crossover and the relatively low crossover point....but if you're not cranking it, I don't think it will be a practical problem.  
Coincidentally I heard the Vandy 1Cis at AudioConnection this summer with Quicksilver tube amps playing Doug McLeod as well.  I was there to buy Treo Cts. I did purchase them and they are fantastic!  The thing is, the most impressive, surprising event of the day was the Model 1s.  John played them at volume and they had a clarity and especially presence to them that I could not stop thinking about well after the experience. I agree with cedargrover about their synergy with a good tube amp.  It was over 20 years since I had heard a Model 1.  The current production is a whole different animal.  As is always the case, Richard Vandersteen keeps learning from his other designs and then trickles improvements down to his other offerings.

Good luck with your decision!

Ha, maybe we bumped into each other!  Congrats on your Treo CTs....I bought my 3A Sigs from John.
@pretender      Hi Pretender.... I have sat in front of a few of the Tekton speakers... to be fair, I haven't sat in front of the Lore Reference, but I have listened to the Lore and Lore S... Even though these speakers do some things well,  I would not consider them in the league of the Vandersteen or the Fritz....
Now to be more clear... I haven't sat in front of the Grove,  but I have purchased 16 of the woofers used in these speakers and am very versed in speaker and crossover design and can tell you that this will be a very satisfying speaker. One of my current speakers is an MTM using this woofer and a Scanspeak tweeter.... Vandersteen... the 1Ci is a high value speaker. You did comment that you wanted a floor standing speaker, if this is the case,  as long as your amp will competently drive the Vandersteens, They would be the way to go.  Another thing is that the Vandersteens are 8 ohm 90db sensitivity with no crazy phase angles, they won't mind tubes at all.  The Fritz use a HiVi D6.8 woofer, which even though HiVi spec's them at 87db sensitivity, I can tell you by experience that they measure 84.  I have to assume that they were figuring a finished speaker and an in room response. 
So with these 3 choices, for me it would be a no brainer going with the 1Ci.  I hope this helps, Tim

Though I haven't heard the Vandy 1's (I own the 3a sigs), I would not be surprised that they sound as good as hifiman says. 
To add a little grist to the mill, instead of Tekton, I would ask that you consider Zu Audio. 
I have a pair of Omen Bookshelf speakers for my office and find them very listenable. If you buy direct, you also have money back a trial period.
The Omen's also come in a floor standing model.

As far as not contacting Fritz, I would say do not be shy. 
A good manufacturer will not be put off by an interested client.

I bought my Vandy's used privately, but when I contacted Vandersteen regarding an issue, Mr. Vandersteen called me back, spent time diagnosing a problem, and even called back to see if it had been rectified. Now that is customer service!
And, though you hate to be a 'tire kicker', a good manufacturer understands that you have questions, and since they love what they do, will be willing to provide answers.