Vandersteen 1C with 845 S.E.T.

I have a New Audio Frontiers 845 SE Special Edition. I does 25w / channel. Does anyone know how that would paiir with the vandys. I know that they reccoment 20-1000 watts but i 25 is too close to the min reccomended without consulting someone who has already tried it. thanks,
I don't think it would be a good match. Vandy's like power and, in my opinion, are better with good solidstate (Muse, McCormack, Ayre, Classe, etc) to show their best.
I originally had the Vandy 1bs run off a 20wpc NAD reciever about 15 years sounded nice but definitely ran out of steam at the higher volumes. it's a tough call for me personally...but i would have to say that you probably benefit from more power.

just my 2c

I have to weigh in on the more power as well. I had about 25 wts going through mine and like Ellery's they ran out of gass when you cranked them up, ultimately to the point when the tunes got a tad to demanding and the ole amp clipped. A couple of new drivers later they sounded fine again.
You can probably get away with it if you don't want to listen super loud. The 1c's are much more efficient than the 2's and 3's (I have had all three). I have run mine with a 37w/ch Nakamichi receiver and it has plenty of power as long as you don't want to blast yourself into the next room.
Hello AsonicYouth. Do not discount the drive of an 845 powered amplifier. Unless your room is overly large, I honestly can't see a problem here. Every 845 based amplifier I have heard makes for beautiful music.
Go for it!
The tubes will sound more powerful typically watt for watt than solid state. Also, the 1Cs are very easy to drive. Given two caveats: first, you don't try to rock to Led Zeppelin at ear bleed volumes; second, you don't have too large of a room.
Good luck and have fun,

I am considering purchasing a used New Audio Frontiers 845 SE Special Edition.

Was just wondering whether you still own it, whether you enjoy/enjoyed it, and what speakers you ended up using with it.

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Leonard Miles
Agree with Mikej One of our main featured systems is Vandersteen 1Cis, Quicksilver Mini Mono's 25 WPC mono blocks. works great
Your 25 wpc amp with 845 could be a special pairing it all depends on the quality of the amp not the power.
Cheers JohnnyR
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The N.A.F.845 SET amplifier at 25 watts just can`t be compared to a NAD 20-25 watt amp. They are entirely different in quality(large gap) and real world performance. The big 845 amp`s power supply and transformers place this amp in a completely higher realm.