Vandersteen 1C with 2Wq or 2Ce Sig or 3A ??

Hello. I'm looking to change my speakers. I need something a little less bright and a little more refined. What I have now, Eosone RSF-600's sound like Polks or Def Techs, in case you aren't familiar with the Eosones. Though I think the Eosones are little brighter and somewhat muddier than the other two I cited. They are dipole speakers, BTW (6 drivers per cabinet). So they fill my little room (16x12x8ft) with ease.

The Eosones have plently of *slam*, more than I need in fact for my tastes. Even though I have extreme heavy metal music tastes (Six Feet Under, Gorefest, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, etc.) my preferred listening volume is rather *wussy*. :-) I'm guessing my normal SPL is 85dB SPL at the lowend to lower to mid 90's dBSPL. Though I suppose I should buy a ratshack SPL meter and get a decent estimate for you guys.

The room is a second bedroom in a condominium (cross between and apartment and a house). So I have neighbors on three sides thru the walls. Though they are pretty understanding when I occasionally "let the system rip" on Friday and saturday nights. The room itself is 16x12x8ft with two windows long the long wall and carpeted floors. I have the system along the opposite long wall with a couple cloth Metallica posters between the speakers. The speaker fronts are currently 28 inches from the back wall, 8 feet apart and 4 feet from the side wall. My chair is about 28 inches from the front wall (long wall with windows). The windows have wooden mini-blinds, which are probably accoustically reflective or diffusive )but not dead I'm assuming. The titanium dome tweeters are at ear level when I'm seated. Book shelves and books flanks both side of the short walls (diffusion?)

Most of the music I listen to is classical. Mahler, Sibelius, Hayden, Tchaikovsky, etc. I like the big symphonies and orchestras. I also enjoy small string quartets and brasswind emsembles (especially low brass - trombone, euphonium, baritone, tuba). Though I do listen to "Death Metal" on my downtime. The metal listening is no more than 30%, with classical being 60-70%.

I've heard the Vandersteen 1Cs about a year ago at a local hi-end store (Hoffman Stereo, Cleveland, OH). And I was thoroughly impressed with them. In fact the more I listened the more the Vandys grew on me. I audititoned various Def Techs, NHTs, Thiels, Talons - but the more I did the more I came back to the Vandersteens. Unfortunately I neglected to audition anything with heavy metal (I couldn't bring myself to bring those CDs on my first hi-end store visits). And since I'd rather not pay retail prices and would feel guilty about wasting the dealer's time if i'm not going to buy from him - I thought I'd try posting here first. I read Marakanetz's comments in the following thread

I started wondering is a Vandy 1C + 2Wq combo would be just the ticket for me in my room with my tastes? I always though I'd need a used set of 2Ce's or 3A to get that "full range sound" but maybe I don't? Feel free to pick on my tastes or equipments, BUT only if you also leave me some constructive advise! heheheh. Any quick, passing thoughts? (I know the forum gets a lot of these types of posts!)

Thanks in advance!


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As a long-time Vandersteen owner (2Ci, 2Ce, 3A, and 3A Sig's), my advise is (assuming you have the budget) to skip over the 2Ce series and get the 3A. It's a LOT more speaker, with much better mid- and high-frequencies. At a later time, you can add the 2Wq subs (I strongly recommend getting a pair of them if your listening environment will allow.)
Vandy 1c with 2wq will outperform 2ce and 3As alltogether. Will be great still if you will deside to upgrade the rest of your electronics. I consider this combo to be a superior value of vandersteen line.
Budget is roughly $1500USD. Though I'd like to save some of that and apply the remainder towards a better DAC. I'm guessing the DAC will have to wait. :-)

I appreciate the input, guys. How's the sound quality difference between the 1C, 2Ce, and 3A? I've heard the 2Ce has midrange issues compared to the other vandys? Is that true? Is so, I guess it would be between the 1C+2Wq and 3A by itself.
I haven't listened to the latest 1C or 2Ce, but I did buy my 3A's used for $1400 and later had them updated to Signature. If you go with the 1C + Sub, you don't have an upgrade path without having to sell the 1C's. Based on your choice of music preference (mahler), I would recommend the 3A. The bass is excellent, and now I augment mine with a REL Stadium, but I wouldn't have they play very deep already. There is the slight possibility the 3A's might overpower your room, mine is 17 x 17 with a high ceiling and an opening into a kitchen area...they fit well acoustically.

Again, I haven't heard the other current models (though I started with the 1B's, then 2C's). I find it almost unbelieveable the 1C + sub is better than the 3A...but I can see where the room would make a difference and be an important consideration.

-- Greg
I have a pair of Vandersteen 1Cs and an A.C.I. Titan II LE. A Titan II LE worked better than a 2WQ in my listening room, mainly because its steeper crossover allowed it to integrate better, given it's non-optimal placement necessitated by the layout of my living area. If I had been able to place a subwoofer in a front corner or between the 1Cs, the 2WQ would probably have worked as well.

A pair of 2Ce Signatures would not perform as well overall as my current setup. But if I could fit in a pair of 3A Signatures, there should be a general improvement, except in the deepest bass.

Given your room, I think you would get much pleasure from a 1C-subwoofer combination.
Having owned the 1c's with dual 2w subs and now owning 3a sigs with the same subs,I can tell you from my own experience in the same audio room(you can see a small picture of my audio room on any's review pages) that it's not even close!!!!! The detail,soundstaging and all around refinement is on another planet. But saying that,I could see how the 1c's would work better in smaller room than the 3a sigs. But all things equal,no contest!!!!!!
I too am a longtime Vandy owner of the original Model 1. I mentioned to my dealer, who recently closed his doors to pursue another career, about upgrading to the 2Ce in the future. He too suggested about adding the 2Wq sub instead of going to the 2Ce. It was a cheaper way to go and the performance would be equal to if not slightly better than the 2Ce route. Unfortunately I was unable to audition the two setups before he closed. I must agree with others that the 3A may be too much for your room. Good luck in your decision on which way to go. Either way I know that you will be happy with the set-up.
One last thing. I find your listening tastes to be quite interesting. I never thought of the two actually being compatable in the same collection, but that's what makes this hobby so wonderful.