Vandersteen 1C vs Meadowlark Kestrel (HR or 2)

Curious if anyone's compared these two lines of speakers. Both are two-ways seeking "time-coherence". Looking in the used market, where the Vandersteens should be easier to find, and less costly. The Meadowlarks are a bit smaller and, with their "furniture" quality, to me more attractive. Vandersteen is of course still around, where Meadowlark effectively isn't. (McGinty is mostly into custom stuff, with a line of much more expensive DSP-configured powered speakers.) Mostly interested in the sound and value proposition of these two speaker lines. Thanks.
i remember the meadowlark herons (upper model to the kestrel) they were very nicely voiced, highly musical, enough detail and apparent transparency but not thrown at you, but also very good speed and transient capability

meadowlarks were sold as high value speakers that outperformed their price points (much like the original vandys), of course, as you correctly state, they are no longer around and cannot support the products anymore - advantage vandy for sure