Vandersteen 1C's to replace Paradigm Studio 40's??

I would like some input from others with more experience than I. I currently have Paradigm Studio 40's (Exposure 2010s integrated, Rega Apollo cd, Rega P3-24 TT). I haven't been feeling them since i got them used about 2 years ago. They just don't seem to sound as good to me as expected. My Studio 20's actually sounded better (my imagination?). My local stereo shop has an older pair of Vandersteen 1C's. I've read great things about these speakers. I am going to ask to listen to them, but any thoughts from anyone. Thanks!
I have owned a few pair of Paradigm's & have ALWAYS found them to be very bright in Acoustically Untreated rooms.Paradigm voices ALL their speakers in an Anechoic Chamber.The Studio 40's can be fantastic speakers with just a bit of treatment & change that SS amp to something with tubes.I also lived with 1C's driven by Tubes & while they were good they were no better than the 40's so I think that will be a sidegrade.
I also think it's a sideways move, but it will definitely sound different, and maybe that's what you're looking for. Have your dealer give you an audition, in-home if possible.
the new   i version Steen with sound anchors throw an incredible image..borrow those first....

Funny, years ago i went from vandersteen 2ce sig to paradigm 40 v5.... After 2-3 years with the vandies, I wanted to go back to clear, detailed, somewhat forward so came paradigm.  They entertained me for a little while but sold them for a pair of laid back/ bassy pair of psb image 5t.  Disappointed, sold them for a pair of rega rs5, that i perceive as the best compromise i have had in 20 years.
All this to say that if you now want to go back to a more laid back sound, the vandies are a good choice.  In retrospect, i was not impressed by paradigm studios at all.
+  1 for Rega RS-5, it and its little brother the RS-3 are the most natural sounding speakers for the buck I ever heard .

I had a pair of Vandersteen's IC about 10 years ago. I believe there is a revised model now with "I" designation.  it is a good sounding speaker and has useable and effective mid and tweets controls.  However, the screw connectors are antiques from year 1.  If you don't  follow Richard Vandy's 2 page blue sheet guide to adjust  for rake angle, supposedly they will not sound optimum, and woe to you if you call him for advice on one of his bad days

I would  recommend instead the Silverline Prelude II, an attractive small profile column that is excellent with the right components which you seem to have.  I think the price has gone off the wall a bit at $1495.00, but you might be able to snag a used pair off AG, or  dealer demoes.  Make sure they are the version 2 which was upgraded .and improved  Good Luck

((However, the screw connectors are antiques))
 Yes it is to avoid the mess above of what you think is good.
If you really did a genuine comparison between the superior sounding screw terminals and your recommended convoluted mess you would realize how wrong you are.
 Best JohnnyR