Vandersteen 1B vs. 1C

In the process of doing in inexpensive audio/video system
for a lower level family room. Rotel A/V receiver, Sony DVD/CD player..and likely Kef Q 15.2 for rears. The Vandersteen 1B and 1C have been suggested for fronts. For
an old 2-channel guy...what are the sonic trade-offs of these two models?
As I recall, the main difference between these two models of the "1" series was in the crossover -- but there may also have been a slight upgrade in the main driver as well. If you want to know more, call Vandersteen Audio at:
(559) 582-0324.

Although you did not specifically ask for advice, may I offer the following suggestion? If your budget allows, I'd strongly advise stepping up to a used Vandy 2Ce, rather than the 1C. Between me and my son, we have owned every model speaker made by Vandersteen except the top-of-the-line Model 5, and we know from experience that the 2Ce offers a significant improvement in performance over the Model 1C. There have been several 2Ce's for sale recently here on A-gon for about $650-700, and at that price (less than a new 1C), you will get a lot of speaker for very little cost.
only in letters and years of manufacturing...
you can even verify it with Richard.
I have not heard the 1C, but I've listented to the 1B, 2CE, 2CE Signature, etc.

I must say that I'm more impressed by the balanced presentation offered by the 1Bs than their larger, more expensive siblings. If the 1C is an improvement (you'd have to guess that it is) then you've got yourself a real winner.

The only caveat here is that the 2C or 2CE might be better for your specific application....Movies. If you're not planning on using a subwoofer, then you'll be very pleased with the deep bass output offered by the larger Vandersteens.

My preference is just that (mine) and YMMV. If your preference is toward two channel listening on a budget then you'd be hard-pressed to do better than a used pair of 1Bs for about $325-$350.

I got my 1C pair after hearing my friend's 1B, and the 1C is a definite improvement. The drivers and their alignment were improved, yielding a significantly more lively, clear, and coherent presentation.

I love my 1Cs, combined with an ACI Titan II subwoofer to flesh out the lowest octave and beyond.

That friend who started my Vandersteen enthusiasm just replaced his 1Bs with a used 2Ce pair. The tweeter in the 2Ce sounds very similar to the fine tweeter in the 1C. The 2Ce is a very impressive speaker that does not require a subwoofer for music. Compared with my 1C-Titan II setup, the 2Ce lacks a bit of very-low-frequency impact, definition, and extension (but it certainly is not at all lacking in bass), and the overall balance is a bit darker and maybe richer, and not quite as airy. The 2Ce images a bit larger overall and has higher power handling, while giving up just a little efficiency (which is especially negligible with my friend's tube amps).

Which setup is better is a matter of taste. Both systems retain that wonderful Vandersteen magic.

The 2Ce is just larger enough than the 1C so that my wife and my living room's decor would not have accepted them as readily. But these days you can find 2Ce pairs used and in fine condition at bargain prices (I think because Vandersteen is no longer upgrading 2Ces to 2Ce Signatures at the factory). Given the 2Ce's fortuitous pricing and their virtually full-range sound, I think they are more cost-effective than a 1C-quality subwoofer combination. On their own, I'd favor the 2Ce over the 1C (I like that extra bass). Between the 1C and the 1B the choice is even clearer: the 1C.