Vandersteen 1's and Speaker Cables

Just recently inherited a set of original model 1's and am really enjoying them but have noticed a bit of top end harshness focused in the 4k area. I know it is the speakers cause that is the only change is a system that is pretty balanced. Have had good luck with Transparent and Synergistic cables in the past when trying to tame the top end but was looking for Vandi' owners recommendations of what you have tried in the past. Looking to spend less then $300 used on a set of cables...

A Read the Manual for best grid placement...

B Purchase and install the sand fill able Bases available
from any Vandersteen dealer or pre owned.

C Adjust tilt back it is very important.

D After making sure you have both speakers leveled
side to side re check for proper tilt
back setting.
A washer on a string,plum bob,or laser on top of each
speaker comes in handy.
Then try some AQ Type 4 but not until all of the
above happens.
Cheers Johnnyr

I have had great success with Anti-Cables. They are dirt cheap and sound as good as the top tier. Be sure to tell them to use the small spades.
I'd suggest a free trial of Goertz MI series speaker cables from Alpha-Core.
Audioconnection has given a wonderful response, and I agree with all of John's recommendations. My speaker set-up is pretty perfect, and I have great success with AudioQuest type 6+ cables. You do not need to spend a lot of $$$$ on speaker cables to make the Vandy 1's sing sweet music.
Happy Listening, and Happy Birthday America !
Stringreen ..... just a thought...... the Vandy 1C's accept ONLY banana plugs. Did the original Model 1's accept small spades ?
((Did the original Model 1's accept small spades ?))
The older 1 series took Bananas.
The Newest 1CI takes the smaller spades
like the rest of the line.
Also even though you "inherited" these, were they fully broken in? This does take time; >100 hours of moderate level playing time.
I agree with John. Actually, Audioquest in general works well with Vandersteens.
Thanks everyone, they are full broken in and placement and tilt has been dialed in with bases installed. I will try some of AQ's they are definitely in my price range and seem to resell pretty easily if I don't like them..
Actually just found a set of AQ Type 6+ I had on the kids system, sounds wonderful! Thanks everyone!
Excellent !! ..... You've found a perfect match. Happy Listening.