Vandenhul powercord

Hi audio friend...
Did some of you ever tried the new vandenhul powercord.
I know that they just arrive in quebec.
All comment are welcome.
Power cords are not in the signal path and cannot effect the sound. If you change cords and hear a difference then you can use that as proof that one's ears cannot always be trusted.
I have a question reference the follow up saying power cords are not in the signal path and cannot effect the sound, are you suggecting that there is no correlation between the amount of current draw through the power cord to the audio signal output? This confuses me as if I cannot trust my ears when I do hear differences when cords are changed then what is it that I am hearing or imagining that I hear? Thanks.
Stevemj, why don't you go to a site for scientific and engineering discussion where you can bask in numbers and theory. The people at Audiogon are interested in improving their music systems, and every time a question is posted concerning cable, there you are, trolling for an argument. I think you are more interested in fighting than listening to music. I would ignore you, but you are constantly in the way of us making progress on this subject. If it really makes you that crazy to read about us enjoying these things, I suggest you be the party to leave. As for me, I am with the vast majority of posters at Audiogon, the question is not IF there is a difference, but WHICH cable to choose, for the system. If you don't believe in this, understand that it is akin to going to a religious site and telling them there is no God. You should know this is going to pick a fight, so why do you continue?
Voting for you is to easy Albert(so I did-again) I stayed out of the last 3 or 4 this guy was in. Sort of like the 3year old/the more he misbehaves/the more attention he gets. Yes, and here I am helping ---Shame on us!!
Please Please. Already 4follow-up and all I get is, again like in other thread is debate and debate again, about if cables really does something and YES for myself it does. I already own 2 Cardas reference power cord behind my transport and D/A and a MasterCoupler behind my preamp. All I want to read here, please, is if some of you already tried the new vandenhul powercord and what they can tell me about it. Thank again but please not more congressionnal debate.
Power cords are in the signal path. The signal is electric, which starts at the power plant.
Call (518)843-3070 and ask for George Stanwick of Stanalog Audio Imports. He is very knowledgeable with all VanDenHul products and sells them. I would think he may have demo'd them, because he represents VanDenHul at some Audio Shows in the USA.
Krellman: Stevemj is correct: power cords are not in the signal path and therefore will not improve the performance of your equipment.

If you want to really evaluate power cords, set up an ABX test between two identical pieces of equipment: one with its stock cord, and one with the VanDenHul power cord, or any other kind. Match the levels to within 1/10 dB, and use the same program source for both. See if you can detect an audible difference between them.