Vandeersteen 5s - Amp / Pre-Processor

For the Vandy 5 owners, I'm looking to move from 2 channel only to HT setup. Currently using Sonic Frontiers pre-amp and mono blocks. Goal is to achieve comparable 2 channel sonic quality, while moving to 5-7 channel HT. Looking at Anthem Statement D1, Sim Audio Titan and Krell HTS 7.1 / TAS combo.

Any rcommendations?
Hi, the only surround system that will give you a front end worthy of your 2 channel system would be to keep what you have (assuming your pre-amp has a processor loop) and then add a Theta Casablanca with your choice of DAC.
None of the preamp processors are as good as a stand alone preamp. So if you have any other sources that are important to you (not digital) I suggest keeping one in your system.
If your preamp is not goint to work in this application then you might try an Aesthetix Calypso. It's perfect for 2 channel and has the processor loop.
As for amplification, tubes are a poor choice for home theater. I typically recommend Theta Dreadnoughts to friends, but higher sound quality is available.
All of this depends on budget of course. Just keep in mind that the surround system won't take the place of your 2 channel rig generally speaking.
Good luck!