Vancouver Festival?

Just checking to see if there's a chance of running into any audiogoners at the music festival in Vancouver, (6/24-7/3, looks like another great one this year):
Ed Thigpen
Dave Holland
Eric Boeren
Roy Haynes
Lol Coxhill
Bad Plus
Scorch Trio
Ken Vandermark
Paul Plimley
Gerry Hemingway
Mark Helias/Mark Dresser
Claude St. Jean
Pierre Tanguay
Now Orchestra
Bill Frisell
Evan Parker
Jean Derome
Roscoe Mitchell
Dylan van der Schyff

Lots of other musicians will be there too, should connect you to a more complete line up.
Yeah I wouldn't miss that for anything, except maybe Disneyland.
Just checked out the web site -looks promising. I'm down in Seattle, and one day would be worth a trip.