Van the Man still has it

Get the new CD "Down the road". I'm a little bit baised towards Van the Man anyway. Music,that's what it's about!!
I haven't rushed out to get "Down the Road" as I was a little disappointed with "Back On Top". May be you have spurred me into action. . .
I think this one beats "Back on top". Van is like making love,even the worst is still not bad.
Although they are only opinions-this album hasn't been wormly accepted by UK reviewers who are big Morrison fans,in fact it's been slaughtered.
Van hasn't really made an album worth much since "Hymns To The Silence" - which I think is his best by far. "Too Long In Exile" has its moments, but his last 3 or 4 albums have been pretty disappointing. And I'm a big fan.
My Van .02
It's all true. Van's albums have been disappointing for awhile now (and he keeps releasing them like clockwork). I don't even think "Hymns" was all that good--not enough solid material to justify 2 discs. His best recent release is "The Philosopher's Stone" which is all older outtakes.

But. . .

Every album has at least one or two songs of the sort of transcendent beauty that only Van can create. That's why he's still The Man.

Incidentally, I read once that the 70's albums Polydor remastered a few years back do not sound very good, so I have never upgraded my old Warner Brothers cds. Has anyone around here compared the old and new versions?