Van L Speakerworks Chicago???

Has anyone owned one of his products? Especially his bookshelf monitors own line of product. Seems to be very very knowledgeable about speaker systems and other musical products. I guess my question is geared to people that live in the Chicago land area or others that have purchase his products.

I did audition one of his products Monitor/bookshelf and I was very impressed with the sound but the $1,800 price tag was a bit scary lol!
Hi,this is John Van from Speakerworks,I would like you to audition my Monitor again,I made big inprovement to the x- over,mainly in the phase relationship not only between the woofer and tweeter, but more importantly, the primary and ambient circuit. the result is a much wider and deeper sound stage. I could go on forever, but I,m a two finger typest and this is takeing me for ever! stop in and give them a listen, or take them home for a few days. thanks John Van L. PS. my new web site will be up soon,with the new products @