van den hul usa?

tried to order online, and then by reply....anyone know whats up?

I had two classic fidelity research cartridges retipped by Mr. Van Den Hul a few months back (May 06) through Andre at VDH USA.

Great service and Andre was prompt and efficient. I know they moved during the time the cartridges were gone. they are now in Tarzana, CA instead of Sherman Oaks, CA. In any event, they were great to deal with in getting my FR's spinning.

Here is what I have off the invoice

5117 Tampa Ave
Tarzana, CA 91356

email: Andre Perreault []

Hope all is well. I really like the boron and vdh tip on my FR's.

Good Luck, Steelhead
I just ordered a Optocoupler Mk ll online Wednesday and received an immediate order confirmation. I also received an email from Andre about two hours later saying they were out of stock and asking if I wanted to back order.

Try his email below.

Andre Perreault
5117 TAMPA Ave.
toll free: 800.600.0873
Andre is no longer the US distributor. The site and online store have been taken down. Bluebird of Ontario is the new US distributor, although as of last check there is nothing about vdH posted on their website yet. But I understand they won't be doing Internet sales like Andre had been. Not long before the distributorship switchover in December most all vdH prices were raised considerably (although you won't find any indication of this if you look at the most recent suggested retail price list posted on, dated September '06), and apparently they're going to stay that way. The saga continues...