Van Den Hul Phono Cartridges

Is there any market for these and is Audiogon a good place to sell them?  I am not currently a seller here and have inherited some items 

Van Den Hul Frog ,  original signed box ,  20 years old , was just un-install from Well Tempered Reference TT set up for 78's   Coills checked 2017 ( in Netherlands) s/n 5308

Van Den Hul MC- REF  s/n 4734 , age unknown original box  may have been set up on the Well Tempered TT at an earlier date .

thanks in advance for any inputs 

@topecat  If you write a ticket to, Attention: Tammy, I can advise you on how to sell these on Audiogon. 
You can find current prices on Hifi Shark, as well as sold prices.
Those are great cartridges & audiogon is chock full of analog enthusiasts.

Good Luck!