Van Den Hul MCS150M internal tonearm wire--sound?

If any of you have had your SME tonearm rewired with this monocrystal internal tonearm wire, what are your impressions regarding its sound based on a substantial or decent burn in? In particular, is there good presence/detail up top without brightness? Does the midrange sound full or leaner/more laid back in contrast with your previous tonearm wire? To avoid any tendency toward misreading my questions, I am referring strictly to internal tonearm wire and not the external phono cable that connects to a preamp. Sincere thanks for any assistance.
If any of you feels more comfortable e-mailing your impressions, please do so. Thank you.
I had my SME V rewired with it when I sent it back to England for its 10-year lube and oil change. I'm not going to say the difference was "night-and-day", but there was a substantial improvement in detail -- or to put it another way, there was less congestion during complex musical passages (full symphony, etc.)

Some background: at the time I was using a vdH Frog Gold cartridge, and I was also using the stock vdH tonearm cable that SME supplies with the arm, (I'll get to that in a second.)

A short time after the internal wiring upgrade, I installed a Transfiguration Temper W cartridge, and changed out the vdH tonearm cable for a Purist Venustas. While the Temper W is a GREAT cartridge, which I continue to enjoy, huge improvement in all aspects of sonic performance came when I replaced the SME stock vdH tonearm cable. What a piece of junk! I can't believe SME continues to supply it with their top of the line arm.