Van den Hul MC-One Special MC cartridge

I have a Van den Hul MC-two(not special) MC cartridge that I have used for 12 years. I am thinking about sending it in to vdh for a retip. However, I can buy a much newer Van den Hul MC-One Special MC cartridge slightly used for the same money.

Does anyone have experience with these two? Which sounds better?
I have owned both cartridges. The MC-One Special was an upgraded, older MC-One. It was upgraded as part of a re-tip, for no additinal charge.

IMO, the two cartridges are roughly equivalent, overall, as far as general sound quality level. The MC-One S has SLIGHTLY better resolution, but the Two has the advantage of the higher output, which means lower noise floor, and better dynamics. It has a lot to do with the phono pre that you will be using, and the overall gain structure of your system. But, IMO, unless the higher output causes your volume control to be run at an unusually low setting, or there is the possibility of overload of the phono stage (rare), higher output is better.

By having your MC-Two retipped, you will take advantage of VDH's latest thinking re geometry, and may even be able to request fine-tuning and compliance to match your tonearm. Last, but certainly not least, you will have a cartride that you absolutely know has zero hours on the stylus and suspension, as opposed to the inevitable uncertainty of buying used. A no-brainer IMO, get the MC-Two retipped.
I agree, some of the newer ones appear to be variable in quality.
Thanks for the input. Variable manufacturing in cartridges always concerns me. I worked at an audio shop in the 80's, & took home 3 of the same cartridge one day. All 3 sounded radically different. I wound up buying the one I liked. Unfortunately, I no longer have that opportunity!

I am not sure which preamp I will eventually wind up with, but it seems to me that a high output has advantages.

Thanks to both!