Van den hul integration - interconnect?

There is no review for this product. So i am very curious about the quality. If you tried this cable can you share your experience? How about Kimber Hero? Which one would you prefer?

thank you.
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Park, I have both these ICs in my system for different reasons.The Hero is,to my ears, dead neutral and disappears.The vdH integration was described in the TAS review as warm and tubey which is pretty accurate.I used it to warm up a rather mechanical sounding MF ss amp.Kind of reminds me of the sound of an old style Grundig tube table radio. My current favorite now is the Chris VenHaus Pulsar IC available direct from his website.Best i've heard. Hope this helps.
I own both of those IC's. I'd say the main differences are the Hero is more neutral, the Hybrid has a warmer sound. The Hero is more dynamic, where the Hybrid has a mellower, sweeter sound. I prefer the Hybrid for my turn-table, where they are pretty even on CDs depending upon musical preferences. If you listen to more rock, or more bombastic sounding music I'd go with the Hero. If you listen to more classical, or jazz, something with a lot of piano in it I'd go with the Hybrid. They are both really good and I haven't heard anything better at their price points. There is a really good review at on those 2, and 11 other interconnects hi-lighting their differences.

Best wishes.
Thank you both. It was a pleasure to hear obj. views for both cables.