Van den Hul Frog on a VPI JMW 12.5 tonearm?

Hello All:
I plan to purchase a VPI HRX soon.
I have an opportunity to purchase a new VDH Frog at a good price which will be mounted before shipment.
Is this a GREAT combination or should I continue my search for another cartridge?
For reference, I only listen to rock music and plan to buy a separate phonostage at a later date.
My electronics include Arcam FMJ P1 monoblocks and an Arcam FMJ C30 preamp which includes a mm/mc phono output.
Thanks for looking!
Dear Theaquaman: +++++ " Is this a GREAT combination or should I continue my search for another cartridge? " +++++

This question you have to answer by your self when you have the opportunity to hear it.

The Frog is a very good cartridge and you must to hear it before you start to looking for another cartridge. Be patience.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I'm running a Frog on a VPI Aries with JMW 10 arm. I'm using the SDS speed controller as well. Music just comes out of the black. An excellent cartridge.

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be a good match for the HRX and 12.5 arm.


Paul :-)
I know that many a VDH Frog has been attached to the JMW arms with excellent results. As Beemer can attest to above. Technically, the Frogs high Static complicance mates very well with the JMW Uni arm. Sonically, this VDH is a middle of the road performer in the line( but better than many high end models from other companies, especially at its price!)..A closed body design that shares some Grasshopper heritage, Its dynamic and open sounding with its tonal balance( or energy)favored toward the highs,yet, not bright in the least!

All said, Raul's advice to hear the combo first would be great in its at all possible, with your system in your room... However, we dont often have the ability to do that, especially in home with a analog front end of that quality and price. The next best, is to hear the combo at the dealers or in a friends set up. But,IMO.. I dont think you would go wrong with this match.
Good luck!
To all:
Thanks to the members that responded to my recent thread.
Unfortunately, I will be UNABLE to audition the combination before I make my purchase.
Sure, if I HATE the combination, I can try to sell the cartridge on the 'gon but I will be reluctant to do so and continue a search.
Based on my research, I suspect there are at least 12 to 15 cartridges on the market to consider which are as good as the Frog.
Thanks for your looking!

Few cartridges will have the bass response for the money as any VdH. If you are looking for detail & bass you will have it. As you go up in the VdH line you get smoother response (I would say not an absolute must for Rock) and more body & speed. What I don't understand is considering the amount you are spending on your table & tonearm, the cartridge would be your most important link, even more than the turntable. Don't scimp on the cartridge, anything the next level up brings you to the "end game" where all you are purchasing are different flavors, but at the top of the performance envelope.