Van Den Hul Empire MC1000?

I have got my hands on an old classic. The Van Den Hul Empire MC1000. I have also lent one from a friend of mine, and this plays in the same range that my Grado Statement with a VdH s1 tip.

Does anyone have a experience with the Empire?

Please share!!! ;-)

Look link for picture.

Yes, I used them in the late 80s, early nineties. They were quite good. They were the basis for VDHs model 10, which I also had[I was a VDH dealer then]. Details of tracking , etc., have disappeared with the years but in my SME 4 on an early TNT I got a very good sound.
Dear Stanwal: I always think ( I readed somewhere ) that Empire was the former company of Benz Micro and for what I read here Empire had a VDH relationship too: we are talking on the same Empire ( cartridges and TTs: EDR.9/Troubador )?, thank you in advance.

Regards and enjoy the music.
The first good table I had was an Empire 598 , the one with the magnet lift at the end that sometimes jerked the arm out of the grove a little early. Used 880P Empires in 60s along with everybody else. They had a relationship with VDH , I don't know about Micro, I was inactive for over 10 years and missed things.